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   Chapter 670 Lisa Is Angry

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Morry took the food package and sat down beside Lisa on the edge of the bed. She smiled at the little girl while opening the food, which was when she heard Mandy sigh. Her eyes went up to her face as she noticed the disappointment there. Morry gave her a comforting smile understanding her inner turmoil.

Mandy too returned the smile, but it was a sad one. Although she wanted Morry to believe that she was fine, it was clearly visible on her face how disturbed she was. She wanted to bear with Lisa's complaints against her, but it was difficult for her to do that.

Morry averted her gaze to the bowl of porridge in her hand as she proceeded to feed Lisa carefully. She had to blow on the hot porridge to cool it down before feeding Lisa. Mandy sensed that the small act showed the maternal love that Morry had for Lisa.

Watching their bonding, Mandy felt her heart breaking. She was a little disappointed in the fact that Lisa had changed so much. Mandy's eyes flickered as she lowered her gaze and wondered how things had changed over such a short period of time. In the past, Lisa always wanted to stick by her. She loved to be with Mandy all the time. But now she wouldn't even acknowledge her. Perhaps, Lisa now hated her.

Mandy glanced at Lisa with her undivided attention. Then called her out softly, "Lisa."

However, to her disappointment, Lisa didn't respond to her. Instead, she turned to Morry and said with a smile, "Aunt Morry, this porridge is so delicious."

"Lisa, are you ignoring Mom?" Mandy sighed as she asked the little girl. Her face fell as a flash of painful rejection crossed her eyes. However, she immediately managed to cover it up by forcing a smile. She didn't want to be embarrassed in front of Morry.

"You are not my Mom. You have divorced Dad. You are not Mom anymore!" Lisa snapped with an exasperated expression on her face. She turned her head while scrunching her eyebrows angrily.

All three adults in the ward were shocked at the toddler's outburst. They all stared at her in surprise. Mandy's breathing became fast-paced in an instant at the accusation. Her ears turned red and hot. She wasn't really expecting Lisa would treat her like that. The three-year-old child shouted at her, and clearly, she had a lot of complaints against the fact that Mandy had left Colin. The girl wanted, actually deserved a complete family that Mandy couldn't give her. A sense of shame rose in her heart, making her uncomfortable in the presence of both Colin and Morry.

"Lisa, don't talk to your Mom like that. Even if I and your Mom have parted ways, she will always be your Mom. So, treat her well." Colin took two steps forward as his jaws clenched in agitation. He also did not expect Lisa to shout at Mandy like that.

"I don't want a mother like her!" shouted Lisa, matching his tone. Evidently, she hated Mandy a

because of that, she was showing her indignation." Colin had been hesitating to tell Mandy about this, but today he didn't hesitate when he said the last part. Originally, he didn't want to tell Mandy about it, but he couldn't bear to see her sad. The truth was hard for all of them. But even so, they had to cope with it.

After Colin said that, Mandy's eyes widened. That meant Lisa had missed her. A smile appeared on her face when she realized that. "Really?"

"Yes. She is just too stubborn to accept the fact that we divorced in such a short time. Otherwise, she does miss you so much. I believe time can make her accept it one day."

"Colin, listen to me. Morry really is a good girl. I don't have the right to pry in your life anymore, true. But I really mean good for you and Lisa. I truly think that Morry will be a good mother to Lisa. Lisa also likes her very much. And I think Morry likes you. If you two were together, Lisa will have a good life with you," Mandy said in a serious tone, staring straight into Colin's eyes.

"You don't have to match me with anyone. If I like her, I will pursue her myself," Colin replied wryly.

"But Colin, don't let her wait for you for too long. When you finally have time for her, she might have already given up on you. No girl likes to wait for a man for too long, no matter how much she loves you. She will give up eventually," Mandy cautioned him with a gentle smile.

Colin responded to her gently, "Mandy, to be honest with you, I do feel Morry is a nice girl. She has helped me a lot in these past years. But, I don't want to ruin her life with me. I can live a happy life if only Lisa is there with me. Even so, sometimes I do think about Morry. Besides, Morry is still young, and I don't want to hurt her with harsh words to drive her away. And I am not very sure I can talk to her confidently about it. Will you help me persuade her?"

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