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   Chapter 644 Being Too Smart Is Also A Kind Of Stupidity

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Ethon clearly heard Monica and Ivy's conversation. But at that time, he did not realize that Monica was not joking. He also did not expect that Ivy would be so stupid to actually go ahead with her plan to take her own life.

This secret had been buried in Ethon's heart for many years. He held it close to his heart and told no one about it, not even his father, Malcolm.

To keep the peace in their family, Ethon acted as if he had no idea about it at all. He didn't dare mention it to anyone before, especially to Monica. He was afraid that Monica would deal with Fiona the same way she did with Ivy.

Hearing Ethon's words, Monica's face froze. Her eyes narrowed at him and with a cold smile, she said, "Yes, I did it. Ivy deserved to die. She was so stupid. She knew nothing would come out of her relationship with your father, but she insisted on carrying and giving birth to Colin. Her death is a just consequence of her stupid choices."

"But that's still a life you played with. Why would you do that?" Ethon countered. His eyes were filled with tears as his body trembled in anger.

"Why? Not everything in the world has a reason. Ethon, you're smart. But bear in mind that being too smart is also a kind of stupidity," she answered calmly, but the underlying hint of warning in her tone was sharp.

Of course, Ethon knew what she meant. Even if Monica had killed Ivy herself, he couldn't do anything to expose his mother. Filial piety would always trump over anything else. If he were pushed to make a choice, there was no doubt he would cover up his mother's crime.

Just then, he had a flashback to a certain memory in his childhood. As far as he could remember, his father liked to stay in his study. At first, he thought his father was just busy with his work. Until one day, he saw a picture of a strange woman in Malcolm's book. He was shocked, but he also did not know who to talk with about what he just had discovered. One thing he was sure then was not to tell Monica about it. He didn't expect that his mom had already known about it a long time ago.

Ethon would always find Malcolm sitting on his favorite rattan chair in the study, with a book in his hands. At first, Ethon thought his father was deep in his reading. One afternoon, he secretl

lcolm and Shyla were sitting opposite to each other. They were playing international chess. Shyla lowered her eyes, and her long hair draped on her shoulder. Under the bright light in the living room, the gentle profile of her face showed her beauty and charm.

"Shyla, you did a good job in this round," Malcolm said with appreciation.

"You flatter me too much, Uncle." Raising her eyes, Shyla wore a graceful smile. When her eyes caught Ethon's presence from her periphery, her face immediately turned into a shy look.

Ethon kept his gaze on her and said nothing.

"You're here, Ethon." Shyla was so delighted to see Ethon that she couldn't take her eyes off him.

Monica noticed Shyla's affectionate stare towards Ethon. Immediately, she offered, "Ethon, would you like to play against Shyla for the next round?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm not free now. You wanted to have a word with me?"

"Okay, please sit down." Monica made sure they watched her pick up a recorder pen from the tea table and waved it in the air.

With a straight face, Ethon looked at his mother, wondering what tricks were up her sleeves. He couldn't read what was on her mind, and the recorder pen did not help him any.

But what happened next changed everything.

Fiona's voice came out of the recorder pen. Her voice was just as they remembered it—crisp and beautiful. Outsiders might not be able to catch her tone, but Ethon could recognize Fiona's sarcasm and indifference.

The living room went dead silent.

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