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   Chapter 642 I Like You

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"Sounds like other men are incapable," Fiona teased, pretending to look like a heartless woman.

Ethon, who was smiling only a few seconds ago, suddenly became very serious. "What do you mean by that? Nana, you're thinking dirty. Are you planning to cheat on me?"

"No, I didn't say that. You said it yourself," Fiona quickly denied, her eyes full of mischief.

"I don't think you'll do such a thing." He tugged her close, smiling down at her knowingly. Reaching out a hand, he threaded his fingers through her hair, spreading the locks.

"Really? What makes you say so?" Fiona said, at once a little flattered and a little curious.

"Tell me. Is there a man you have set your sights on?" Ethon said as he scrutinized every inch of her.

"Not yet. I'm still working on it." She grinned and playfully rolled her eyes.

"Let me know when you find one. I'll fight him anytime." The way he said it made it hard to tell whether he was serious, sarcastic, or downright amused.

"Ha! Will you win?" Fiona tipped her head to one side, provoking him.

"Nana, are you doubting my ability?" Ethon squinted, he had turned on the charm and flashed his devilish smile.

"Okay, enough. Get up and go home." Despite how good she felt in his arms, Fiona moved away. She sat up and stopped teasing him. She did not know what would happen when Ethon went home, but she could not get over the dreary hunches that plagued her. How troublesome it was that Monica did not like her.

"You should also move. Go and tidy up. I'll make breakfast, and then you can go back to sleep." He loosened his arms but kept his affectionate gaze. He could never get tired of looking at her.

"I'm not going back to sleep. I have a meeting with my professor who will help me with the revisions on my thesis," Fiona brightly said as she jumped off the bed and pu

Ethon was about to wash his face as well, but he watched her first, silently staring at the mirror. When he saw the layers of products on her face, he frowned. "Why are you applying so many? Aren't those uncomfortable? There are a lot of chemicals in those products."

"You don't know how expensive these products are, but I have to take care of my skin. Otherwise, when we get old, I will be ugly, and no one would want me," Fiona explained, memorizing what Mandy taught her.

"I like you," Ethon's low and magnetic voice rang out.

"Stop lying. If I'm ugly, you won't say that." She glanced at him pointedly as she put another layer on.

"I'm serious. Even if your hair turns grey and you lose all your teeth, I would still love you." Ethon straightened after washing his face, and then he took her hand, squeezing it comfortingly.

Fiona was his first love. Men his age were mostly curious about love and sex, but Ethon did not pursue her to satisfy his sexual impulse. He had gotten close to her simply because he liked her. There were countless women in the world, yet fate brought them together.

"Will you love me no matter what I do?" she asked, in all seriousness. Her eyes blinked innocently at Ethon.

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