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   Chapter 641 Monica's Call

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Then, Nathan put his phone down and held Mandy in his arms. Their breathing gradually grew more steady as their heartbeats fell to a natural rhythm.

The next morning, Ethon was woken up by the persistent ringing of his phone. With a dissatisfied groan, he begrudgingly stretched out a hand and fumbled for the phone on the bedside table. He put the phone right in front of his eyes and winced at the screen. It was a call from Monica.

Since their big fight at the horse racing field last time, he had completely cut off contact. He had moved out of the house, and he was living a comfortable life, but his days were not completely untroubled. The freedom he currently enjoyed came at the expense of losing his dignity by spending Fiona's money. He was counting the days until graduation came. Just a little longer, and he would be able to stand on his own feet.

He was brought back from his musings by another ring. Ethon hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to answer. It was one of the rare times that his mother called him. Monica was a proud woman—for her to reach out to him first must mean an urgent matter.

He got out of the bed and opened the French window that led to the balcony. Sunlight flooded into the room, and the breeze brought the perfume of flowers. It was a wonderful morning.

"Mom," Ethon said without batting an eye.

"Are you free today? Come back to the house. I have to tell you something important." With an arched eyebrow, Monica held the pen recorder in her hand and looked at Shyla with a smile.

"You can say it to me over the phone," Ethon answered. He had no plans of going back. Somehow, he had a foreboding that trouble would arrive.

"I can't explain it clearly on the phone. It would be best to speak in person," Monica insisted in a voice that rang clear with finality.

Knowing that the conversation had already ended, Ethon relented, "Alright, I get it."

He hung up then walked back to the bedroom, his face devoid of expression. Fiona was

rcise, and he was adept at many kinds of sports.

"I can't do surgeries. There's too much blood," he said casually.

"So what? You'll get used to it after spending years in medical school. My sister even performs cardiac surgeries. What's the big deal?" Fiona said offhandedly. Then, a realization came to her. Her eyes gleamed with mischief as she looked at Ethan. "Don't tell me...Ethon, are you scared of blood?"

"What… That's not… I'm not exactly scared," Ethon stuttered. Fiona had hit the bull's eye, and he felt embarrassed at having been found out.

"Ha-ha. You are!" Fiona laughed out loud.

But her amusement was short-lived as Ethon quickly sealed her mouth with his own to shut her up.

Early in the morning, the prolonged kiss drowned Fiona's senses. When Ethon finally let her go, she breathed deeply as a lightheaded feeling settled upon her, "Um… That was… I couldn't breathe."

It was Ethon's turn to enjoy himself at her expense. "Idiot, your lungs are not strong," he smirked.

Fiona pointed at herself with incredulous eyes. "Me? Not strong? Hah! Says the one who's afraid of blood. You're not even manly," she retorted.

"Not manly?" Ethan smiled meaningfully. "You of all people know that's not true. Or do you need me to remind you?" He fixed his dark eyes on Fiona, a devilish grin on his face.

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