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   Chapter 640 Why Are You So Heartless

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Outside the bar, the weather was particularly warm.

Leo put one of his arms around Milla's waist in an effort to make them look like a couple. Milla, however, became incredibly uncomfortable as she was still not used to their setup. Because of that, she tried to wriggle free from his grasp.

"You know you can let go of me now. This is City B. No one knows us here, so there's no need for us to act like this," Milla said coldly.

"Why not?" Leo asked, his face devoid of any kind of emotion. Without a smile lighting up his features, he looked incredibly intimidating.

Countless stars were twinkling in the cloudless sky that night. It was extremely beautiful, but upon gazing at Leo's face, Milla could not help but feel frightened.

Before speaking, she took a deep breath. "I only came here with you because I want to make things clear with you. Now GW International is operating normally, and I have gotten back what belongs to me," she then said, looking downwards to avoid Leo's eyes. "Since I've achieved that, I think that it is reasonable that we drop this uncomfortable relationship." While she wanted to come across as firm and strong, she felt her lips tremble as she spoke. What was worse was the cool night breeze was making her more nervous.

"Why? What is wrong with me?" Leo asked, his eyes narrowing. "What is it that you dislike about me? Is my personality unsatisfactory for you? Tell me, don't be scared." Slowly, he stepped forward, closing the distance between him and Milla. His deep eyes were staring firmly at her.

"Stop, Leo," Milla said in annoyance as she tried to push him away. "What are you even doing? This is inappropriate on all levels! This is unacceptable, and I will be contacting your beloved grandparents soon!" She mustered all her strength to power up her threats, and to appear like she didn't care for their relationship.

"Wow," Leo responded, looking amused. "You have the courage to threaten me after all you've done? You pretended to be a waitress to get me drunk by putting illicit drugs in my drink and tried everything to get into my bed. Now you're done using me, and you'll just discard me like one of your old clothes? Truly amazing. I can't believe you're this heartless!" A bitter sneer was on his lips. Leo was angry, but he didn't want to lose control just yet.

Upon hearing Leo's rant, a mocking smile graced Milla's red lips. "Heartless? I'm flattered, Mr. Wen." A slight chuckle escaped her lips.

"Why do you dislike me?" Leo asked once again, his sneer now wiped off from his face. He wanted answers, and he was going to get them.


ook a look at it. Even if he wasn't really a person who would peek at another person's phone, he felt compelled to browse Mandy's device at that moment.

He saw that it was a message from Colin, and it said, "Mandy, will you be back tomorrow? Lisa misses you so much."

A frown appeared on Nathan's lips. Just the sight of Colin's name made him feel uncomfortable.

Mandy turned over in her sleep. She was having a beautiful dream. In her dream, she and Nathan were traveling the world. Their journeys were so much fun that whenever they laughed, they wouldn't be able to close their mouths.

As the moonlight illuminated Mandy's face, Nathan saw a beautiful smile on her lips. He didn't know what sweet dreams she was having, but just by looking at her, he already felt happiness welling inside him.

In her dream, Mandy felt the masculine atmosphere around her. She put her hands around his strong waist, buried her head in his chest, and went to sleep happily.

Nathan gently leaned over and kissed Mandy's lips. "Good night, honey," he whispered sweetly.

Mandy seemed to have heard what he said as she snorted and then fell asleep again.

After some time, Nathan picked up Mandy's phone once again. He clicked on Colin's message thread and deleted his newly-sent messages.

'Sometimes, no response is the best response, ' he thought.

The mere existence of Colin was troublesome for Nathan. But to be honest, if Lisa didn't exist, he probably wouldn't see him as a threat. Unfortunately, Lisa was there, and Colin understood how to use her. It was a detestable thing to do, but Nathan understood.

His mind didn't dwell long on Colin, though, as when he caught a glimpse of Mandy, his heart once again swelled with happiness.

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