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   Chapter 639 She Was Preparing For Pregnancy And Couldn't Drink

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"Old woman, did you dare to say it again?"

A cold intimidating male voice broke the silence.

At that moment, Mandy turned around, and her eyes saw a familiar figure, it was Nathan, standing there with one hand kept in his pocket. He was dressed in a black suit, looking calm and elegant. However, at that time, he had a frigid expression on his face—giving off chills.

There was someone standing next to Nathan. They were both formally dressed in black suits. Nathan was wearing a blank expression on his handsome face. It concealed his thoughts, making it hard to figure out what was running through his mind.

To clear her vision, Mandy rubbed her eyes with the thought that she was mistaken. Then, she tried to calm down and looked closely at the man beside Nathan to confirm his identity. She never expected to meet Leo there even in her wildest dreams.

The man standing next to Nathan was Leo, he was the last director of the Cardiology Department of JR Hospital. Due to Cassie, Mandy learned that he was actually the CEO of the GW International in City Z, and he was also a senior of Mandy Zhou. In their school years, they did not have much contact.

Seeing that Leo was heading towards them, nervousness suddenly crawled over Milla's body. Then, she lowered her head, afraid that she might make a mistake. Looking at her, Mandy was confused without any idea why Milla was so nervous during that moment.

Obviously, Joan was caught off-guard by the sight of the indifference from the man. She pressed her lips and attempted to say something but stopped herself on a second thought. In that moment, she did not even dare to let another word escape her mouth.

Step by step, Nathan walked towards Mandy. Then, he stretched out his hand and wrapped his arms around her. "Who is the bitch that you spoke about just now? Who are you referring to?"

Upon hearing his words, Joan trembled in fear, and her face immediately turned white. She tensely pursed her lips, and her voice was shaking. Nathan was not a stranger, and she knew him very well. Working in the business world, she was also concerned about the industry. It was known that Nathan had been in charge of JS International at a very young age; he had a successful career and upheld a good reputation in the business world. Although he was still young, he was able to gain a lot of respect from people around him, which made him more overbearing. Without a doubt, he was influential and

anted, and it was time to put an end to it.

Nolan was an honorable lawyer. Milla asked for Nolan's assistance with the divorce process because she wanted to end her marriage with Leo. She knew that Leo had someone in his heart, and she preferred to let him go so he could follow his heart's desire.

"I see. If that's the case, then you really can't drink," Mandy said with a smile. She looked at Milla with a teasing expression on her face.

Suddenly, Milla felt annoyed without an exact reason, and she could not even point it out. She pouted and asked, "Did you know each other before?"

"Yes. Leo was the director of the JR Hospital in City A, right?" Mandy sarcastically said.

"Oh, I see. Things turned out like this."

"What? Are you serious? You don't seem to know anything about what I said at all," Mandy said in bewilderment.

"No, he never mentioned it to me before," Then, Milla turned her head and locked her eyes at Leo with a meaningful look on her face. A gentle smile formed on her soft lips. The thing that Mandy mentioned was not the only secret that Leo had hidden from her.

Leo's past was an unsolved mystery for Milla, and he never talked about it. The moment she heard this, she felt stupid for designing a plot against Leo. Her heart wished she could do it to someone else.

As a matter of fact, she had not only put herself in a dilemma, she also felt that she would get nothing good in return.

Feeling embarrassed, Mandy did not continue to ask questions any further. For about an hour, the two couples sat in the bar. Then they headed back to the hotel to rest after a long, eventful day.

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