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   Chapter 637 Mila Qian

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"How much do you love me?" Nacy raised her head, her eyes peering into Simon's black depths.

Simon lowered his head and kissed her. He was only planning a swift kiss of solace but could not resist her charm. He pried her teeth open and swept his tongue deep. His tongue entwined with hers, reveling in her flavor.

After a while, the air around them simmered. Slowly, he released Nacy and tucked her in under the quilt.

"You are like my heart. I can lose an arm or a leg, but if I lose you, I will die right away," Simon said softly and planted a feather kiss between her brows.

Nacy felt relieved. Smiling, she curled her body closer to Simon and fell asleep in his arms.

The triennial business summit happened at one of the grandest hotels in City B.

Every three years, the business industry's elites gathered at the occasion. One of them was Nathan.

The summit was a distinguished and strictly an exclusive, invitation-only event. The entire hotel was reserved, and each guest was allowed to have one companion. One by one, renowned corporate magnates arrived. A black as midnight Bugatti stopped outside the hotel, and the doorman rushed forward with enthusiasm.

Wearing a bespoke black suit, Nathan got out of the car, calm and graceful. The doorman opened the door for him, but after he alighted, Nathan wound around to the passenger seat to open the door for Mandy.

Carefully, Mandy gathered her skirt and settled her feet on the ground. She wore a green V-neck dress with a ribbon at the neckline and matching white heels. Her long silky hair was coiled up neatly. She looked sophisticated as she stood beside Nathan, her red lips curled up into a faint smile.

The two fine specimens beckoned the attention of their surroundings. Soon, blinding flashes and clicking of cam

te. "Do you also like floss cake? We can share them."

The woman's politeness was totally out of Mandy's expectation. She smiled shyly, "Thank you. My name is Mandy Zhou. What's your name?"

"Hi! I am Milla Qian. Where are you from?"

"I'm from City A. What about you?"

"I'm from City Z." "I'm so glad to meet you here."

They kept each other company from then on. They had a good time talking and added each other as friends on WeChat.

"Would you like some wine?" Milla offered kindly, a glass of champagne in her hand.

"Sure, but I can only drink a little."

"Are you married?" Milla observed her closely. From Mandy's appearance, she looked like a recent university graduate.

"My child is four years old now." Mandy smiled, her face growing gentler at the mention of her child.

"Really? It doesn't seem possible at all. You look so young." She was quite surprised as she did not expect Mandy to be married. She was married too, but she was not endowed with a baby yet.

Judging from the happy look on Mandy's face, Milla assumed that she was married to a good husband.

"Oh, hey! Isn't this Miss Qian?" Just then, a woman sneered from behind, cutting their conversation.

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