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   Chapter 635 I'm Not Greedy

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"Tina, you were in my dreams just now. Why did you send money? Where did you get that large amount of money?" Tina's mother asked, and there was a trace of exhaustion on her face. Earlier, she had a nightmare about her daughter getting involved in a car accident. To start her day, she woke up from her bed.

After resting for a few minutes, she took out her mobile phone to call her daughter. The moment she looked at her phone, a bank message appeared on the screen. Immediately, she checked her bank account to confirm the message and found out that a hundred thousand had been transferred to her account. At the thought of this, something inside her heart felt uneasy, she quickly dialed Tina's number, fearing that she did something illegal.

"Mom, what are you talking about? I am not doing something wrong. I already explained this before. I'm buying stocks, and I can make a lot of money out of it. Stop overthinking about it," Tina frowned as she lied to her mother. Embarrassment was written all over her face.

"Just make sure to come back home this weekend, okay?" her mother replied. However, in the back of her mind, she was dubious about the money.

"Mom, I have to work during my two days off. Please don't worry. I am assuring you that I did not do anything wrong. Besides, we need to focus on earning money for grandmother's medical treatment. Although she has not been treated well at the advanced stage of liver cancer, we still have to have a try and do anything we can to save her!" Tina said over her phone.

"The time is eleven o'clock, it's late already. Are you still working right now? Tina... You should get some rest. Don't work so hard. I hope you are not shouldering all the problems all alone. Tina, it's not your fault, and you should not blame yourself. I'm sorry, your Mom and Dad are useless. I am proud that my Tina has grown up and made a difference now," her mother kept nagging on the other line. At that moment, Tina was moved, and tears started rolling down her face ruining the make-up she put on.

"Mom, I… I need to go to work now. You'd better give yourself a good rest. Stop worrying about me, okay? I have no class tomorrow, so I can sleep all day if I want to," she said.

Inside the apartment

After taking a shower, Fiona stepped out of the bathroom with a refreshing fragrance on her body. At that time, she was wearing a pink nightdress. She lowered her head and walked towards the bed. Suddenly, something unexpected came into her view—Ethon was lying on her bed.

Although Fiona had been living under the same roof with Ethon

who touched it.

For a woman, it was known that she should not believe a man's sweet words in bed. As a girl who had no experience in dating, Fiona did not have any knowledge of how deep a man's tricks could be. However, she had faith in Ethon from the bottom of her heart. Just like other girls, she was also afraid of being hurt because of the emotional damage and lifetime trauma that love could bring if she was tricked.

There had been an instant spark since their first sight. In fact, the seed of love had already taken root and sprouted in their hearts.

As a matter of fact, Shyla looked prettier than Fiona. The only thing that she could surpass Shyla on was that she had an excellent academic performance. Fiona didn't understand why Ethon was deeply attracted to her!

After hearing his words proposing marriage, Fiona remained frozen for a moment. With a blank expression in her eyes, she asked in confusion while her lips trembled, "Ethon, please tell me what you love about me? The truth is that... I… I think Shyla is way better than me. She is more suited for you. Are you just playing around with me for fun?"

In an instant, Ethon's face darkened, and he pressed his lips and answered in an annoyed tone, "What are you talking about? Why do you think so much? Don't you have any idea how great you are? I am doing everything I can just to make you happy. Don't you appreciate my efforts? Do you even trust me?"

Ethon was upset. In such a touching and warm atmosphere, he did not expect that Fiona could say such words to belittle herself. In his eyes, she was the epitome of perfection. Love does not require reasons. If someone can elaborate thousands of reasons, could it be considered true love?

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