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   Chapter 634 Tina Looked Out Of The Window, Sighing For Her Lost Pure Times

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In City A, at the Charming City Bar

It was already ten o'clock in the evening. A cocktail glass reflected the radiant light. Deafening music echoed throughout the bar.

With excessive make-up on her face and a purple wig on her head, Shyla curled up on the sofa. She wore a black lace spaghetti strap dress.

A young man was kneeling beside her. He was about twenty-five years old. His thick eyebrows and big brown eyes shone brightly under the lights. His torso was bare, and his narrow waist was distinctly visible in the smoke. The young man twisted his body, and his healthy smooth skin tempted women to associate with him.

The young man extended his hand from time to time to touch Shyla's body, but he avoided her private parts, which was a must-keep guarantee between them and the customers. His flexible fingers were massaging Shyla's body, which made Shyla happy and completely relaxed.

Tina was lying on the sofa next to Shyla. She wore a dark purple dress with the hemline of the dress perfectly covering her bottom. Her two slender legs were crossed straight, which had an attractive and sexy effect on her.

"How and when did you find such a great place?" Shyla asked joyfully, squinting her lovely eyes.

The young man, a masseur, was massaging Shyla in earnest. He twisted his body, displayed his superb skills and made all of his efforts to give pleasure to her.

"I found this bar by accident," Tina said with a delighted smile. She looked around and found that the light in the bar was dim already, and there was a saxophone melody playing in the background. The music made all the customers feel at ease.

All the customers in the bar were women, and most of them very rich. The prices there were very high, and most customers spent tens of thousands a night. An ordinary person would never be able to afford it.

An old friend of Tina was the one who introduced the bar to her. In fact, she had never been inside this bar before. She was surprise

was in the past. In those days her face was always free of makeup.

At that moment, Tina's eyes became a little red. She sat in front of the mirror and sang the song "Be bare faced." The words were, "When we met each other long ago, was it a kind of illusion? We'll never get back what we lost. We'll never feel like this again. It was a major experience for us. There's a feeling of regret..."

This song was a No.1 hit when she and Fiona were high school students together. Fiona also liked it a lot. They sang it every time they went to a karaoke place together.

Tina was in a trance when suddenly her cellphone rang.

She answered the call as she took some tissue out of her handbag and wiped off her tears while fixing her make-up.

"Have you gone to bed, Tina?" A gentle and caring female voice came from her smartphone. The voice was from her mother.

"Not yet. I'm on the night shift. Mom, aren't you sleeping?" Tina said with worry on her face. A few months ago, her grandmother had been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. Her mother was taking care of her grandmother in the hospital and was exhausted from the burden.

Tina came from a poor family who needed a lot of money for her grandmother's treatment. That's why she was willing to take the risk of getting involved in illegal activities.

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