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   Chapter 633 Pan The God

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Pan was in love with a fairy. One day, the Gods were having a feast, and a monster suddenly sprang out of the black forest and attacked them. When he saw the monster attacked the fairy that he loved, he rushed to carry the fairy to safety. He ran to a lake to escape. In the lake, he held the fairy high in his hands, and the monster laughed at him because it knew that Pan would be cursed. Then he stopped chasing them.

After the monster left, the fairy was very grateful to Pan for saving her. Pan carried the fairy back to land, but the lower half of his body was turned into a fish tail.

Mandy's first Weibo account name was "Pan the God." When Nathan browsed through her blogs, he noticed that she really like the God Pan.

"How did you know that I like Pan?" Mandy gripped the diamond tightly. It felt a little bit cold, but her heart was burning.

"From your Weibo activities. When I saw your Weibo account's name, I found out that you admired him for saving the fairy. Even though he was ugly, his love for the fairy was admirable."

Mandy lowered her eyelids, fluttering her eyelashes and smiling. Her face expressed a deep emotion. She was really moved by what Nathan did.

She didn't know that Nathan could read her thoughts so well. He could even interpret the meaning of her first Weibo account's name.

Suddenly, Mandy remembered a message that was widely spread around the Internet. When she saw it at first, she felt it couldn't be true. She doubted there was such a person in this world.

The message was, "One day, there will be someone who will read all the things you wrote, read all your blogs on Weibo, flip through all your pictures, and even search for more information about you, listen to the songs you love, go t

han's deep dark eyes were lit up by the light from the sea.

Mandy felt that she was lucky every day she was with Nathan. This beautiful sight in the water was such a rare thing to see!

The sea breeze was salty, but it made both of them feel happy.

When Mandy was looking down into the sea, Nathan caught her off guard and put his arms around her. He blew on her ear playfully.

The woman dodged shyly. She giggled and said, "Nathan, what are you doing?"

"Kiss me," Nathan said bluntly.

There were only the two of them on the beach. Nathan had instructed his subordinates to clear the place for them. It was a quiet and harmonious night. Mandy was really shy, and her ears suddenly flushed.

Mandy stood on tiptoe. She wrapped her slender arm around his neck, and her lips gingerly approached his lips.

At the moment when their lips touched, Nathan put his hand gently behind Mandy's head and grasped it tenderly, unwilling to let her go.

They were so close to each other that they could feel each other's breath. Feeling as if she were half in a dream, Mandy fell into Nathan's passionate kiss. They intertwined closely in the romantic night.

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