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   Chapter 632 Surprise Wedding

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Nathan stood towering at the front. He was regal in a black suit with a classic bow fastened over his crisp white shirt. A bright smile stretched across his handsome features as his eyes fixed on Mandy.

Mandy was genuinely surprised. On both sides of the aisle were rows of Tiffany chairs crowded with guests. There were a lot of faces she did not recognize, all anticipating patiently for the ceremony to begin. If it had not been for Nathan waiting for her at the front, she would not believe it was her wedding.

While she was taking in the dreamy scene in front of her, the shop owner handed her a pretty bouquet. "Ms. Zhou, congratulations on your wedding!"

It suddenly dawned on her that Nathan had planned it all!

Somewhere, piano keys and strings started to play the tune of the wedding march, and the notes flowed through her.

She soaked up everything—the sky, the sea, the flowers, and Nathan. He had meticulously planned every detail and left her entirely in the dark. Mandy could not, nor did she attempt to hide her excitement, and her eyes began to turn red.

Her hair was intricately twisted into a bun with strings of diamond jewelry attached. The tailored gown outlined her every curve, making her extra resplendent. Her smile grew wide as she reassured herself that everything was not a figment of her imagination and that Nathan was, in all actuality, waiting for her.

Just then, a breeze brushed past her as two adorable flower girls ran from behind. They wore beautiful tulle dresses like little princesses. With the flower baskets in their hands, they flew down the aisle and threw dainty rose petals into the sky.

Mandy was wrapped in duchess lace and silk. The wedding gown had a classic sweetheart cut that highlighted her exposed ivory shoulders, and the lace bodice hugged her slim waist before gently flaring out. A myriad of pearls and rhinestones adorned the dress, shimmering under the sun.

And like a

nd a diamond smith who could design it.

"Take a closer look." Under the moonlight, Nathan's face was so soft, and his noble temperament was more evident.

Mandy took out the ring and lifted it over her head, the light pink diamond shimmering. It was so beautiful that she could not tear her gaze away.

Squinting, she looked at it carefully. After a few seconds, her breath caught, too entranced by the close-up view to react. Her eyes lit up as though stars were burning behind them.

Engraved on the stone was a statue of Pan, an ancient Greek God! It was nearly indiscernible if not for the light.

When Mandy was in her elementary years, she had been fascinated with Greek mythology. Gods like Apollo, Zeus, and Athena were more popular, but her favorite among them all was, perhaps, the ugliest amongst all, a God called Pan.

Pan was part human and part goat with limited powers. He was believed to dwell in the mountains of Greece and was considered the patron of shepherds. His job was to watch over flocks, forests, huntsmen, and all the wild things. He was also an able musician who had a beautiful voice. There was a lake by the end of the river where no one dared to tread, fearing that the water was cursed. Anyone who stepped into the lake would turn into a fish permanently.

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