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   Chapter 631 Recorded Conversation

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Tina paused for a while. She was too angry to say a single word. After some time, she gritted her teeth and said, "He only fell for you because you snaked him at the right moment. We both know that you have the habit of seducing men, so why do you bother to feign innocence in front of me?"

"I do like to present myself as someone innocent, especially in front of Ethon. Do you have a problem with that?" A sneer crossed Fiona's lips.

"You are only after Ethon's money, aren't you?" Tina picked up the coffee on the table and took a sip. She could not help but smile coldly.

"Why would I even bother to be with someone who is not rich? You're right. If he were poor, I won't be with him." The corners of Fiona's mouth lifted into a smirk.

"So, why do you poke fun at me? You are luckier than I am—especially because you have a good sister. If you didn't have such a sister by your side, you would definitely be miserable," Tina said jealously.

Fiona held her breath. Tina's words were indeed a painful reality check. It was true that without the Zhou Family, more so Mandy, Fiona would not be where she was.

"As you said, I have a good sister, but you don't. You'd better stop dreaming. It's good for a woman like you to be a mistress," Fiona said with a clear tone. She raised her right eyebrow in disdain.

"Ethon no longer has money. Why haven't you left him? Aren't you itching to get a new man?" Tina mocked.

Fiona scowled as she looked at Tina from head to toe. That was just the reaction Tina wanted to incite. Well, Tina would say anything to agitate Fiona, for that surely satisfied Tina's deranged side.

"Why would I do that? Even if Ethon is currently cut off from his family, they still share the same blood. Sooner or later, his parents would want him back. I won't be stupid enough to break up with him. Don't try to sow discord between us."

"What if you met a man who is richer than Ethon? You would dump him right away, wouldn't yo

wore a breathtakingly beautiful wedding dress at the center of the shop. The dress had had an astoundingly long train of about 10 meters.

"This dress was booked by a guest, but she can't come to fit it because of some unfavorable circumstance. Miss, I happened to believe that your figure closely resembles hers very much. Can you help us and try on the dress? Also can we take a few photos of you in it by the sea?"

"What? I don't think it's a good idea. This wedding dress is so long. It will get dirty if we take it to the seaside," Mandy said awkwardly. She thought of her own wedding dress, which was still hanging in the villa.

"Please don't worry. I will take care of that issue. Could you do me this favor, please? We really need your help," the shop owner said with a genuine smile. Two lovely dimples appeared on the owner's cheeks. Mandy couldn't bear to refuse the lady, and so she agreed.

Mandy put on the wedding dress and followed the shop owner to the shore. She didn't know that it was actually a surprise arranged by Nathan!

The air was filled with the scent of roses. A pink carpet was laid on the white beach, with petals scattered all over it. A four-meter high arched door was at the end of the carpet, which was decorated with white gauze that fluttered freely in the wind.

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