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   Chapter 630 Have You Lost Your Conscience

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At University A

In the afternoon, Ethon was going to take part in a fierce debate competition on behalf of the school. After the class, Fiona walked alone on the campus.

Suddenly, someone called her from behind. Even though she didn't turn her head, she still knew who it was. She was perfectly familiar with this voice. It had been with her for six years, from high school to university, where she was in her third year. She never anticipated that she would part ways with that voice.

Ever since the time when she played tricks on Tina in that coffee shop, she hadn't spoken to Tina alone. She felt that their six-year friendship was over.

Tina wore a pink T-shirt, a white pleated skirt, and a pair of beige high-heeled shoes. That was the most popular fashion of the year, and the price was more than ten thousand dollars per pair.

A cold smile flashed across Fiona's eyes. Her eyes fell on the pair of shoes on Tina's feet. When she saw the tie at the side of the shoes, she knew that the shoes were not fake, but real.

As a matter of fact, Tina was born to an ordinary family, and her parents were ordinary working-class people. Two months' of her parents' salary wouldn't be enough to buy those shoes. Perhaps the shoes were a gift?

Fiona didn't understand why Tina chose to live that kind of life. Tina could have had a simple and normal life. She was only twenty three years old. Why did she disgrace herself like that?

"Shall we have a talk?" Tina raised her eyebrow and asked. She wore heavy make-up, which was unnecessary for her pretty face and concealed her youth and vigor.

Fiona pursed her lips into a smile. "I have nothing to say to you."

"But I have something to say to you. Don't you think you owe me an explanation?" Tina said, forcing her stiff face into a smile.

"Well? Really?" Fiona tried to remain friendly, but there was a confrontational tone in her voice.


r quality of life now. I really feel sorry for you," Fiona retorted sharply, with contempt in her eyes.

When Tina heard that, her face turned pale, like a color palette. She stared at Fiona in disdain and said, "Really? It seems that you know how it works very well. Haven't your parents done similar things? How else did you get your experience?"

Fiona frowned and looked terrible. Tina had provoked her to the extreme. After calming down, she said after three seconds, "Well, how impressive you are! Congratulations! You have the nastiest mouth in the whole world."

"I can't possibly be worse than you. So what if I became his mistress? Don't forget that you're no better than me. In high school, you knew how much I liked Ethon, but you still secretly chatted with him on WeChat behind my back. Do you think I didn't know that?" There was seething hatred on her face. She had waited a long time to say that.

Seeing that Tina was angry, Fiona suddenly smiled and said in a happy voice, "So, you have been jealous for a long time. You're jealous that Ethon loves me instead of you. You're such a loser! No wonder you are so pitiful. If I were you, I would definitely find a rich old man and be his mistress. But... you're a good enough match for that truck driver."

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