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   Chapter 629 Pushing Morry Away

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Thirty seconds had passed as Colin stopped and still felt a presence behind him. He turned around to see that Morry was still standing where Colin left her seconds ago. "Is there anything else I can help you with?" Colin asked.

Morry's eyebrows furrowed for a second before she turned to look away. "Nothing..." she answered, feeling down.

Deep down Morry knew that if it weren't for the fact that she really liked this man in front of her, she would not have come to him at all. Damn it! 'Why can't Colin love me back?' she thought.

Out of anger, she tried to suppress her feelings deep in her heart as Morry clenched her fists. She tried to stop the urge to slap Colin right then and there. She was always so nice to him, so kind, and always there for him, but why did he keep turning a blind eye to all these things?

"Then, why are you still standing there?" he asked bluntly, stabbing another painful dagger at Morry's heart.

"Well, I…" Morry stopped as she swallowed the bile in her throat, trying to keep her tears from spilling. "Did it never occur to you that you have really gone too far?" she asked, lowering her head even more in sadness as she felt the tears she could not keep, roll down her cheeks.

Colin blinked multiple times in disbelief. "Me? I've gone too far? Are you hearing yourself? It's working hours, and you are just my subordinate inside this company. I don't think I've done anything wrong to you, so what are you talking about?" With that straightforward answer, Colin furrowed his eyebrows into a frown.

Morry swallowed the sadness inside of her as she started to tremble with anger. As a matter of fact, she knew very well that Colin really had no feelings for her, but she wasn't going to accept that and stop. She did not want to give up just as Colin would not give Mandy up that easily.

Ignoring what he just said, Morry asked, "Why? Why do you always place so much importance on your work as if it's going to provide you with a fulfilling life?" She looked him straight in the eyes after mustering up all her courage to say these words aloud in front of him.

"You can leave now, Morry. I don't have the energy to deal with this." Colin looked away, and with his slender finger, he took out a fresh cigarette and perched it on his lips. With his free hand, he took out a silver lighter, placing the blue flame close to the stick and lighting it up.

Seeing Colin drag from the stick made Morry frown in complete surprise. She wondered when did he ever start smoking because she knew that he had never smoked before.

As a visible smoke exuded slowly from his mouth, Morry waved her hand to take the strong smell of nicotine away from her as she kept her glare fixed on him. His black eyes were now full of greed and longing for the drug as he turned his gaze back to Morry with a cold smile.

At this moment, Morry froze, feeling the air around her tighten, and all she could feel now was fear. She felt goosebumps form on both sides

this made Colin even more infuriated with himself.

Even though Monica was an evil and cunning woman, her son Ethon was the complete opposite of her. Because of Ethon, all thoughts of trying to make Monica suffer faded and left his thoughts. Colin thought that he should not make his innocent brother suffer and feel the pain of losing a mother.

"None of this is any of your business," Colin finally said in a cold tone as he crushed the cigarette into the ashtray. With his bloody-red eyes, he kept his stare at the cigarette, but his mind was obviously elsewhere.

Morry laughed in vain. "Sorry, I can't help but overthink these days. My bad." The corners of Morry's mouth twitched as she felt her heart break into pieces. She quickly picked up the papers Colin had signed and walked out of the room in pain and frustration.

As Morry turned her back at him, her receding figure seemed to contain an indescribable sense of longing. Just like Colin, she was also a lonely soul, begging for her love to reciprocate her feelings. He stared at her back and wondered why he could not accept her love.

This sense of responsibility proved that Colin was a kind man. He knew deep down that he could not make himself fall in love with Morry, so he pretended to be cold, just to drive her away. She was an incredible woman, and he knew that he did not deserve her and that she did not deserve to waste her life with him. By doing this, he hoped that she would give up soon and would find someone better.

Colin was a smart man. He knew what to love and what to hate. Morry was kind to him and was there to help him deal with many legal affairs in the past years, and so, because of her kind nature, Colin did not want to hurt her. The pain she was feeling now at being pushed away by Colin was not comparable to the thought of Colin accepting her without him having feelings for her. That was why driving her away was the choice that Colin decided upon, so as not to scar her even deeper.

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