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   Chapter 628 How Long Do You Want To Hold On

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The YC Group had high hopes of winning over the development plan of the city's commercial buildings. JS International initially showed no interest, much to their advantage. However, only two days ago, the company giant suddenly changed its stance. To make matters worse, the municipal leaders had given consideration even though the announcement was late. The sudden move had put all the managers under YC Group on the receiving end of Collin's anger.

Colin felt the decision was unfair after all the time and energy they had exerted. He was usually a reserved man when dealing with business matters, but this time he was willing to take the aggressive route. He had already invested a lot of money in publicity and planning, and not getting a hold of the project would mean that everything would go down the drain.

Compared to JS International, YC Group was still in the preliminary stage of its development, which required extensive work from their side. Their competitor had long been rooted in City A and had already established a solid foundation.

The managers kept silent after being scolded. The atmosphere in the room dropped by a few degrees, and no one dared to say a word.

"Alright, we're done here. The meeting is over." Colin was spinning an expensive pen atop his fingers. He stopped and then slammed the pen on the table. He stood up, gracefully, and headed for the door before anyone else.

The other department managers followed suit, tidying up their belongings. Everyone was trying their best to keep their resentment to themselves, and they all left with sullen faces.

Colin went straight to his office, looking stern. He was deep in thought and did not notice Morry was standing in the secretary's office. He was surprised to see her figure flying out of nowhere.

"Morry, why are you here?" His mood improved a little, his face softening.

Morry's long hair was tied up into an adorable bun, and she wore a black

e in this world? Such cruelty!'

Composing herself, she pushed his buttons once anew. "Are you never going to remarry? Wouldn't it be a pity for you not to have a child?" Morry's soft fingers continued to move on his forehead, albeit distractedly.

"Lisa is my child. She is more than enough for me."

"Yes, she's your daughter. Maybe, you should consider remarrying for her sake, even if you don't want to. Besides, Mandy has already returned to Nathan. How long do you want to hang on? Why are you so stubborn?" She had no intention of venting out, but she was so depressed that she could not help it. She had nothing against Mandy, but she hated that Colin was so deep in his misery that he could not move on.

Colin opened his eyes, his body filling again with tension. With a frown, he caught Morry's hand and stopped her from massaging.

Morry could not tear her gaze away from their hands. Her heart was racing, and her cheeks turned hot. She did not expect him to take the initiative of holding her hand. Although obviously, it was not for the right reasons she had hoped.

"Morry, that is my business. You can go back now," he said coldly, shoving her hand away.

Morry pursed her lips with dissatisfaction. She knew that he was ordering her to leave, but she did not want to!

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