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   Chapter 627 Meet A Client

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An intimate desire crawled all over Nathan's body. Slowly, he walked towards Mandy. After some time, their bodies were a few inches apart. Then, he closed his eyes and leisurely leaned towards Mandy, filling up the space between them until their lips met.

As time passed by, the kiss they shared became deeper, and Nathan seemed to be addicted to the pleasure. Suddenly, his thin lips left Mandy's slightly swollen lips and moved to her seductive neck. His action aroused Mandy, sending shivers down to her spine. At that instance, she clenched her fists weakly and gently knocked on his strong back. With a charismatic smile on her face, Mandy said, "Honey, you haven't taken a shower yet."

"My little alluring…" Nathan could not get enough of her. Craving for more, he passionately kissed her again and lifted her up from the bed. Then, he carried her as they went to the bathroom.

Under the shower, they stood facing each other as the water rolled down their bodies. Staring at her angelic face, Nathan was stunned. After appreciating her beauty, he squeezed some shower gel and rubbed it onto the bath ball. Then, he started to wipe Mandy's body with it.

Immediately, Mandy's face turned red. It was not the first time she stood in front of Nathan, showing her naked body, but she felt very shy. When his hand slipped to her breast, she took a step back and quickly grabbed his hand. As she licked her captivating red lips, and an attractive smile appeared on her rosy face. She embarrassedly said, "I'll do it myself."

"Honey, let me serve you tonight." Nathan did not let her go. Then, he naughtily slipped his fingers to her back and teasingly drew circles behind Mandy's buttocks.

In the turn of events, Mandy could not resist the pleasure arousing her. Something changed within her; she was not as young and innocent. In the present time, her growth made her more charming and mature than she used to be three years ago.

As his fingers lingered over every inch of Mandy's body, his manhood hardened like a stone. It was literally heating up, but Nathan suppressed the burning desire inside him and restrained

ut a second thought, he stood in front of the floor mirror and changed into his suit.

In YC Group in City A, Colin was experiencing a bad time.

There were two reasons behind his temper.

First, he learned Nathan took Mandy to City B for a honeymoon. The other reason was their competitor, JS International, had a chance of getting the big project their company was aiming at.

In the morning, Colin held a meeting to discuss a business plan with the managers.

Inside the meeting room, Colin sat on the main chair with an intimidating cold expression on his face. Since he arrived at the company early in the morning, he wore a straight face. All the managers in the meeting knew the reason behind Colin's bad temper, so they were all very cautious with their words and actions.

"Excuse me, do you consider this as a plan? This is a mess. Redo it. You will hand it to me before getting off work today." Colin threw a pile of papers to one of the managers, venting out his anger. The expression in his face darkened.

With a humiliated look on his face, the manager quietly replied, "Yes, sir."

"I'll make it clear. We must do anything to get the project of planning the new commercial building. The government attached great significance to this project. I hope that in the next week's bidding, you won't put my name to shame," Colin concisely said as his expression darkened and became more vicious.

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