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   Chapter 626 A Gentleman Must Never Break His Word

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Mandy observed Nathan closely. He looked like someone who knew what he was doing. She was not keen at playing billiards and could not foretell which ball he was aiming at, but she was confident that he could score.

Nathan bent over the pool table. He placed his hand that was holding the cue stick calmly while his other hand formed a V-shape. His eyes squinted in focus, targeting a ball. Without warning, he hit the cue and made a shot. His movement was so light, but the balls spread swiftly, loading the air with the sound of balls striking each other. In a flash, Nathan pocketed three.

Mandy fiddled with her hands as her eyes swept the table. Right after Nathan's first hit, the match between him and Daniel had immediately reached a draw.

Anyone who could play billiards would know that it was quite easy to score after a break shot. But it was only after the balls had scattered that the fun began. It was more difficult for the player to shoot as the game progressed because it was hard to predict where the next target would stop.

Then again, the one-on-one match was between two skilled shooters. They had not played billiards for many years, and both thought they had become rusty. However, once they touched the cue, they were instantly back in the zone.

Daniel's eyebrows snapped together, his instincts warning him that the game was a suicide mission. Nathan's skills were far better than he had anticipated, judging by the way he had easily maneuvered the standing. But Daniel was already in the challenging position of outdoing him. He could only hold his head high and try his best to finish the set. Who knew a miracle might happen?

Nathan was a very tricky player. Before taking a shot, he would assess his every move first. The man would calculate where the balls would halt, which one's could score, and he would even predict his opponent's next shot. He was far more meticulous than Daniel had imagined.

When his turn came, a cold sweat ran down Daniel's back, but he still pretended to be in control. His upper body leaned over, and his arms extended up to three-quarters of the cue as he aimed a line. He stared at a solid, planning to make a bank shot. With a thud, he swung his cue, and the white ball collided with the red ball. The red ball rolled back and forth twice before

am above the couple's heads.

The hotel manager had specially asked the attendants to decorate their room in advance. The moment Nathan opened the door, Mandy was in for a surprise. Countless delicate red petals scattered over the floor. Tracing their path, Mandy found more roses on top of the bed. The flowers formed a heart shape that seemingly turned into a deeper scarlet shade against the white bed linen. It was lovely and romantic, making their trip extra memorable.

Mandy felt Nathan closed the door, and then he embraced her from behind. Her vision turned blurry as the scent of the petals wafted through the air. The symphony of color, fragrance, and Nathan's warmth had evoked a moment of nostalgia. Time seemed to have returned to the night of their wedding three years ago. And tonight was no different, sweet and warm as before.

Her heart surged in delight as she stared at everything in front of her. She felt wonderfully dizzy, perhaps because tears were creeping out of her eyes, or because the lights in the room were too dazzling. Suddenly her feet left the ground, and she found herself gently thrown onto the big bed.

Everything felt surreal from the soft mattress to the dimmed lighting and down to the tiniest details. Mandy could not help but giggle as she tenderly placed her arm around Nathan's neck and boldly touched his handsome face.

Ever so slowly, she moved her palm down. Her hands stopped on Nathan's chin and gently stroked his stubble. The moment was so intimate that Mandy never wanted it to end.

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