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   Chapter 625 If I Lose, You're Free To Do Whatever You Want

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Summers here were some of the best in the world—the temperature would be neither too hot nor too cold, and the gentle breeze that would blow along the beach would instantly make people happy and relaxed

Nathan and Mandy took a walk along the coastline with their hands intertwined. As the seawater hugged the shore and their feet, they breathed in the wind infused with the ocean's aroma as they gazed upon the cloudless, starry sky. The two felt energized and at peace.

Unknown to them, Daniel was just meters away, following them silently. With every step he took, he felt his heart breaking into smaller and smaller pieces.

Why did he come out? To humiliate himself? 'No, ' he thought, fuming inside. He knew that Nathan was only doing this in order to show him how much he loved Mandy, and how much he loved her back. 'I miss her so, so much!' he lamented silently. That was when he made up his mind: no matter what kind of treatment he got—hostility, vicious words, or even violence—he would bear it just for Mandy!

Courage filled his chest, and his eyes became colored with determination. With his fists clenched, he started towards the walking couple, his gaze firmly focused on Mandy's back. She was noticeably smaller than the man she was walking with, but the difference only made them look like they were a perfect match for each other.

Mandy and Nathan were lost in their own world. As they held each other's hands tightly, they didn't feel the need to speak to share with each other what they were feeling.

Nathan was well aware of Daniel and what he was doing. Mandy, on the other hand, had no idea at all. Because of that, she didn't have an inkling as to what might happen next!

After twenty minutes of walking in silence, the three of them stumbled upon a billiards room. Suddenly, Nathan turned around and looked Daniel in the eyes. "Do you know how to play billiards?" he asked him, his voice devoid of emotion.

"Of course, I do. What do you take me for?" Daniel answered, a naughty, confident smile forming on his lips. He believed that every man should know how to play billiards.

"Well then, shall we go inside and play one round?" Nathan invited, his eyes narrowing as if he was planning something.

"Wow," Daniel responded, looking surprised. "Sure, why not? But what is at stake?" he asked. His eyes were firmly fixed on Nathan's, challenging their intensity. He had a blank expression on his face in order to distract the man in front of him, and he had already started formi

," Mandy called. Her voice was soft as if she was trying to appease him and the determination he was feeling inside.

"Yes, babe? What's wrong?" he responded without even looking at her. Then, he turned around to look at his wife. His eyes were so full of affection that Mandy couldn't help but fall in love again and again.

With a sigh, she said, "Do your best. I'm counting on you." Her eyes sparkled, creating a certain aura around her that seemed to make her look more angelic than ever before.

"Don't worry, love. I will. I will win for you." He grabbed Mandy by the shoulders and pulled her into a tight hug. His heart was overflowing with love for his girl. Before letting her go, he planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

Daniel witnessed this scene and immediately felt his heart break once again. The grief that he felt was so strong that tears started forming in his eyes. Instead of dwelling on it, however, he quickly turned it into something that would fuel his fire. He clenched his fists tightly until the blue veins on the back of his hands popped out. Somehow, he felt like he was not doing the right thing, but he could not back down now.

"You can start now," Nathan said coldly as he let go of Mandy.

Daniel gazed at Nathan's face before doing so, and that was when he realized why he decided that he should go first—he was looking down at him! With that, he knew that he couldn't lose the game not only because of Mandy, but also his pride!

The moment Daniel launched his first hit, he was already able to get rid of three balls.

Now, it was Nathan's turn. He looked extremely calm as if Daniel didn't just get three balls into their holes!

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