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   Chapter 573 Don't You Hate Me

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Nathan burst into laughter. He pushed the doors open and walked to the garden at the back of the villa. He sat on a rattan chair.

The starry sky glistened in front of him. The moon almost looked like the sun with how brightly it was shining.

His hand fumbled in his pockets before he took out a box. It held the two couple rings that he had customized. Seeing as Mandy had already thrown away her ring, Nathan had thrown his own away as well. He drew a new design. Although they were inspired by the original rings, Nathan incorporated some changes. The rings were engraved with the initial letters of their name, with Mandy's ring holding his and vice versa. If the rings were worn for a longer period of time, the initials would protrude on their skin once they were taken off.

Nobody would be able to tell the little detail besides the couple wearing it.

The platinum rings reflected the bright night. Looking at the pair, a smile wove its way onto his lips.

He sat alone in the garden for a long time as he stared into the night sky. The wind blew, ruffling his neatly combed hair.

"Mom, where's Dad? Why hasn't he come in yet?" Nathan hadn't come up to them yet when Mandy came out of the bathroom. Adrian furrowed his eyebrows.

"Watch TV for a while, okay? I'll find Dad for you."

She knew that Adrian had been very dependent on Nathan. If it weren't for his father, he would've died. This was the reason why she couldn't find it in herself to hate the man, but she still couldn't help but be upset with him.

Adrian finally calmed down as he rested on the bed. "Okay, bri

, approaching them.

"Dad was showing me pictures of the two of you from the past!" Adrian jumped to his feet and stared up at her.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Mandy put down the tray on the bedside table. 'What photo did he show that could send the both of them laughing?' she thought.

Mandy curiously looked over and saw a picture of herself with glasses. Freckles dotted over her face as she grinned funnily into the camera. Mandy's face darkened at the picture.

"You still have this photo?" she demanded, placing her hands on her hips.

"Dad, Mommy's getting angry." Instead of feeling scared, Adrian burst out laughing.

In this photo, Mandy had put on ugly makeup in order to escape from dating Justin. Nathan had taken this photo of her, but she didn't expect that he would keep it!

She looked like a dorky hag! No wonder Adrian was laughing at it.

"Don't laugh. If Mommy gets angry, she'll beat us to death," Nathan joked.

Mandy gritted her teeth as he locked his phone. She wanted to delete that photo from his phone–that was for sure.

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