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   Chapter 546 I Love Her. I Wanted To Be With Her The Moment I Saw Her.

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Colin pursed his lips for a while before turning his attention to the blank screen. "I want to watch some TV."

Morry stared at him for a while before grabbing the remote control and turning the TV on. To her surprise, the big screen showed Nathan's upcoming press conference.

Mandy and Nathan stood together with their hands intertwined. The hall was packed with over thirty news groups and their respective reporters.

'Shit. I should change the channels, ' Morry thought, grabbing the remote control again, but Colin grabbed her wrist.

His once weak expression changed suddenly. He sat up a bit straighter as his eyes narrowed at the screen. "Give me the remote," he ordered, holding out his hand.

"Colin–" she started helplessly, but after seeing the indifference in his face, she knew that she had no other choice.

Without another word, she handed it over to him.

The reporters all came with sharp questions.

A female journalist in a black suit stood up when she was called. "Miss Zhou, a video was released, regarding your affairs with multiple men. Explain it to me.

Also, a few days ago, you'd been interviewed, and you announced how much you loved Colin. What's happening now?"

"Journalists, first of all, the video posted on the Internet is not true. My wife has never cheated on me. Everything, including her break up with Daniel, went according to my plans. We're not divorced. When she got into a bus accident three years ago, she lost her memory and ran away. I'd been looking for her for three years before I found her with Colin. She only broke up with him because I forced her to do so. And regarding Adrian, he is actually our

"Colin, don't you understand? This isn't any of your fault!" Morry gritted her teeth. She didn't get why he would take all of these things so personally. She hated that he was doing this to himself.

"Get out. I want to be alone for a while." He stared at the white ceiling, feeling as if his heart was being squeezed tightly in his chest.

Not knowing what else to say, Morry shook her head and stomped out of the ward. It was noon anyway, and she needed to buy some gruel for his stomach.

Colin sighed. He had never expected that Mandy and Nathan's son would live. Now that Adrian existed, they would sure be an inseparable family.

Nathan took Mandy's hand and got into the car.

With gratitude shining in her eyes, Mandy turned to Nathan with a smile. "Thank you."

Nathan reached out and pulled her into his arms. Her heart started to beat faster, but she couldn't help but feel safe with him around. 'This feels nice, ' she thought.

"It's grandma's eightieth birthday party tonight. Go home and get yourself dressed, okay?" he said dotingly as he planted a kiss on the corner of her lips.

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