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   Chapter 545 You Don't Need To Take An Exhausted Man Like Me

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"Continue with your investigation. Dismissed." Without another word, Nathan stalked away.

JS International had a very good reputation in the industry. In fact, its stock price was always on a steady rise. Although the fluctuations weren't much of a loss, the company's reputation may still take a toll if it continued on a downtrend.

Fred had a laptop in his hands and anxiously typed on the keyboard. Different codes appeared on the screen, as he quickly clicked through them. No one knew what he was doing, but it was Fred's job to read complicated codes. Whoever bought the most stocks in JS International must be the mastermind behind all of this.

Nathan went out of the conference room and grabbed his phone. However, before he could call his wife, it seemed that she had called him first.

"Nathan, something happened," Mandy said angrily.

"Yes, I've already handled it. Come to JS International now. We'll be holding a press conference."

"What? A press conference? I- I don't think I should go." Mandy hesitated. Although the video was filled with nonsense, she couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by their words. The things that the video had said were all fake, and she didn't want to delude herself with those lies.

"You must. I've already planned to hold a conference to make our relationship known to the public as well as tell them of Adrian's identity." Gone was the ruthless Nathan who had just stomped out of his meeting. Instead, he was more gentle and sweeter. He knew that Mandy must be going through a lot.

Nathan hadn't said anything about Adrian's identity due to Mandy's disappearance. Now that she was back, he had every right to reveal everything to clear her name. He would not allow anyone of his fam

agined he would be. He shrugged. "Yes, it's over. She doesn't love me anymore. I guess that she's better off with Nathan as long as he loves her," he said slowly.

Morry gritted her teeth. "Then why do you keep torturing yourself like this?"

"Because... no cares about me anymore," he choked out. At the thought, tears started streaming down his cheeks. Colin turned away, avoiding her piteous gaze.

Morry was heartbroken to see him like this. She had never seen him like this as if he was so broken from the world. At that moment, she couldn't help but despise Mandy.

"Who ever said that? I care for you!" she exclaimed, placing her soft and warm hand on top of his.

"I love someone else, Morry," he said flatly. He knew that Morry liked him. Of course, he did, but his heart had always belonged to Mandy.

She gritted her teeth. "I can wait."

"Why would you try and love an exhausted man? It's not fair for you." He tried to push her hands away, but she stayed.

"Well, the world has never been fair, Colin. The only thing that would make this unfairness worth it is if you're with the one you love. And I care about you." Morry frowned.

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