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   Chapter 544 I Am Surprised That You Still Care About Him

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Fiona had almost been framed by her best friend. However, instead of confronting her directly, she decided to end their friendship peacefully. It seemed that her six-year friendship with Tina was just like quicksand, and it had slipped away right before her eyes.

The sun shone brightly in the sky. Fiona sighed as she walked down the street. She blocked the bright light with her hand.

She was a bottle of thunderstorms and clouds. No one could tell what she was thinking.

At Commemorate Seven Charity Fund

As soon as Mandy had entered the building, her phone rang. She glanced at the Caller ID, only to see that it was from Morry. She answered it at once.

"Hello, Morry." She smiled.

"You sound happy, Mandy," she snapped. Morry was standing by the hospital windows. She stared at the glaring sunlight as she crossed her arms.

"What do you mean?" Mandy furrowed her eyebrows. Why did Morry show such an attitude to her?

Morry snorted. "Colin's stomach bled, and now he's in the hospital. Do you know how much blood he threw up? How many times he called out your name? Why the hell did you turn off your phone when Harley tried to call you?"

"What? I didn't turn it off. When did he call?" Mandy's fingers drummed against her thigh as she stood up immediately.

"Don't lie to me."

"How is he then? Which hospital is he in?" She proceeded to rush out of the foundation building.

"None of your business. In fact, I'm surprised you still care about him," Morry said sarcastically. Without giving Mandy another chance to reply, Morry quickly hung up.

Mandy frowned at the cold response. She tried calling her again only for Morry to turn off her phone in response.

She glanced at her contact list and saw Harley's number. Mandy decided to try and call him. However, it took a few minutes before he actually answered.

"Harley! How's Colin? Which hospital is he in?" she asked urgently.

"Mandy, don't even bother calling Harley again, all right? Colin doesn't need to see you right now. You can have that good life with Nathan–yes, the one you've always dreamed of. In fact

d never listen to another one of Mandy's concerts anymore. In fact, they even wished that she lived a sad life.

Seeing all these vicious comments, Mandy quickly called Nathan.

Right then, Nathan was holding an emergency meeting. Within half an hour after the video was released, JS International's stock price had plunged by five points, causing the company to lose nearly 200 million in assets. After that, the stock price was continuously plummeting. This was JS International's biggest crisis since Nathan took office.

In the meeting room, Nathan was sitting with a gloomy face. The video had done great harm to his company. He tried asking his Technical Department to delete it, but after ten minutes of having deleted the video, the video was placed onto the Internet once again. In anger, he quickly blocked out every website.

JS International's top officials sat in the conference room and watched Nathan block all the websites. The staff from the Investment Banking Department were trying their best to control the stock price only to fail miserably.

"Mr. Jin, there must be someone trying to gang up on us," Fred said gravely.

"Go and find out who has done this," Nathan snarled. Although he looked calm, one could see the fury lying behind his gaze. "The man's dead to me!"

"I've already informed your lawyer. We would be filing against all the media outlets," Fred replied.

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