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   Chapter 543 Six Years Of Sisterhood

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Hearing Ethon's words, Shyla blinked.

"You're saying that because you're angry, aren't you?" She swallowed nervously. Of course, Shyla wasn't expecting that he would hurriedly admit that he still loved that bitch. She thought that he would be loving and comforting towards her like any other boyfriend.

"Shyla, I'm serious. I love Fiona. I dated you just because my mother said so, and I've had enough of it. It's time for us to break up," he said firmly.

"Why? Did I do something wrong? Why do you want to break up with me?" Shyla wailed. She couldn't believe it. After all their dates, she thought that everything was going really well.

"I don't love you. Please don't pester me anymore. You should get some self-respect," he snapped, sighing.

"What do you mean? Do you think I don't have any self-respect?"

Ethon scowled. He had been with Shyla only for ten days, and she had already been pestering him every minute of the day. Although he wanted to refuse her and have some time for himself, Monica would drive him out of the house either way. Plus, even if they barely knew each other, Shyla would ask him if he wanted to spend the night. She was just too shameless.

"We've only been dating for ten days, and you're already asking to spend the night with me. Keep that up and no one would love you," he said with a scowl.

Ethon was usually very gentle with girls or basically anyone he had ever talked to. However, Shyla had already reached the limits of his patience. He was done with her.

"Ethon!" She paled.

Shyla had liked Ethon because of his gentle temperament. She didn't expect that he would humiliate her like this. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

Ethon glanced at her with a straight face and stopped in


"You little bitch! I've seen a lot of girls like you. After sleeping with me, do you think you're still so pure and arrogant? I don't have AIDS!"

"You're a joke! It's like talking to a psycho!" Tina had a very bad feeling about this. It was August, the hottest time of the year, yet she just caught a cold and felt sore all over. That was the first sign of having AIDS.

"You know what? Don't ever call me again!"

The driver's words made her dizzy with anger. When she came out of the toilet, she headed straight for the coffee shop. However, Fiona wasn't there anymore.

Tina approached the waitress, who was picking up their cups. "Excuse me, do you know where the girl that was sitting here went?"

"Oh. She already left."

"She's gone?" Tina frowned. She had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, so she quickly took out her phone and gave Fiona a call.

"The subscriber you have dialed is busy at the moment. Please try calling her later."

Tina immediately opened her WeChat and shot Fiona a message, only to see that she wouldn't accept it. After a few seconds of trying, she came to the realization that Fiona had blocked her.

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