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   Chapter 542 Aren't You Afraid That She Would Be Jealous

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The garbage can was clean except for the three pieces of jewelry resting at the bottom. A part of her wanted to pick them up and sell them without him noticing.

As she was gazing at the trash can, Nathan straightened his back and looked right into her eyes. Understanding what she planned to do, he quickly bent down and picked them up from the bin.

"Are you planning to sell it?" Mandy brightened.

Nathan smiled without saying another word. He took Mandy's hand and led her into the bathroom. Not giving her a chance to say anything, he threw the three into the toilet and flushed them down.

Mandy sighed. She had known this would happen.

After all, he had thrown them away in the trash can.

Fiona hadn't slept well for the past few days. Just last night, Tina had called her and asked her to set up a meeting. She wanted to explain the events that had just transpired at the bar the other night. They set up the meeting at the Sun Island Cafe.

Fiona had always been punctual. She arrived at the cafe at eight in the morning. The cafe was already crowded with customers.

When she looked around, she saw a familiar figure. It was Ethon, standing with his back facing her.

Shyla stood in front of Ethon. She wore a bright Chanel dress. The make-up on her face highlighted her elegant features while her dress wrapped around her figure really well. It showcased her beautiful long legs and well-rounded breasts.

Fiona pretended that she didn't see them. However, as she looked around, she saw that the only two empty seats were the ones at Ethon's table. She gritted her teeth. She knew that if she continued to stand around awkwardly, people would start to notice her.

She quickly ordered

' she thought.

Suddenly, she saw a man stand up and walk away as a woman desperately tried to catch up with him.

"What's wrong with you?" Shyla demanded when she finally caught up to Ethon.

"I'm fine. It's time that we leave."

"Why are we leaving? Do you really feel that sad when you see her?" Shyla was already burning with jealousy. A part of her knew that no matter how many times they hung out, Ethon still had feelings for Fiona.

Ethon didn't reply. He quickly walked out of the door, but Shyla followed him closely. He clenched his fists, wanting nothing more than to get rid of this shameless girl.

"Answer me. Do you still love her?" she blurted out.

Shyla was the only daughter of the city mayor. This was why she was used to being spoiled by the Tang Family. Whatever she wanted, she got. This was why she could never understand why the man she wanted was the first thing she couldn't have!

"Yes! I like her. Satisfied now?" Ethon snapped. Although he was not the kind to lose his temper, he couldn't help but feel irritated by Shyla's unreasonableness. Her remarks against Fiona really stirred up his anger.

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