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   Chapter 541 Did You Throw Away The Ring

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"Then why did you do that?" Nathan tensed. He stared at her as if he wanted to see through her cold demeanor.

"I... I am be honest, although we're together again, I still think we still left matters unresolved. Could you just give me some time?" Mandy sighed.

"What matters?" he asked with displeasure.

"What's your relationship with Eve?" The day that she'd been taken to Nathan's apartment, Eve had arrived as well. It had been a very awkward moment.

"Jealous?" Nathan smirked.

"Look, Nathan, you've said that you wanted to start over with me, and I understand that. But I have one condition. This time, you should be loyal to me. Break up with all your other unclear relationships. Can you do that?"

Nathan leaned against his pillow. He couldn't help but think about the way Mandy had worded her warning.

What did she mean by 'this time?' When had he ever betrayed her? The woman had the nerve to say that when she eloped with Colin three years ago! However, despite all his thoughts, he bowed his head.

"Fine. I promise you."

"And if you don't?" Mandy held her breath. In reality, she had always wanted to start over again, but she was afraid that she would just get hurt at the end of the day.

"Then I'll be at your disposal." Nathan smiled.

"Betray me, and I'll divorce you. Adrian would be mine."

"Okay," he said quickly. Besides, he knew it in himself that he would never stray anyway. He spent three years trying to find her. Now that he had, he would do everything to keep her by his side.

"Well... I should go to work." Mandy jumped off the bed and put on her slippers.

Nathan hugged her from behind. "N

As soon as she heard his words, she grew even paler. "No, I didn't."

"How could you have lost the ring?" Nathan knew that Mandy was a responsible woman. She always kept everything on track. For her to lose the ring would be impossible.

"I really lost it by accident."

Without another thought, Nathan took off the ring on his left finger before throwing it into the garbage can along with Mandy's ring.

"Why did you throw them away? Even if you didn't want them, you could still sell them." Mandy gazed at the rings in the trashcan pitifully. They were worth tens of millions of dollars!

Now, they were gone.

"I have never needed the money." He snorted. Nathan looked Mandy up and down before he stopped when he saw the anklet she was wearing. "Where did you get that from?"

"Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?" she asked mischievously.

"The truth."

"It was from Colin."

Without another word, Nathan squatted and removed the anklet from Mandy.

He threw it in the trashcan. Now that he had removed all the accessories that reminded him of Colin, Nathan felt much better.

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