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   Chapter 539 Dad, You Have Changed

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"Your grandparents miss you and want you to live with them for a few days." Nathan crossed his arms and stared at his son.

Adrian pouted. "But will Mommy go with me?"

"Mommy will stay at home with Daddy," he answered firmly.

"No." Adrian shook his head rapidly at the thought of not being with his mom.

"Why? Don't you like to visit them again? You've always liked to be in their house when you were little."

"That was before. I want to be with Mom," Adrian protested.

After glancing at his son, a sly smile slid onto Nathan's lips. "Well, you can go to your Teacher Ren's house for a few days...or perhaps you can go to Teacher Yu's house too."

"No way!" At the thought of living with his teachers, Adrian was terrified once more.

"So, it's living with them or living with your Grandma." Nathan smirked.

Seeing that his father was already winning, Adrian finally relented. The young boy gritted his teeth. "How many days?"

"A month," he said firmly.

Adrian's lips trembled at the thought of distancing himself from his Mom again. "You've changed a lot, Dad. Don't you love me anymore?"

"We'll visit you every night. How does that sound?" Nathan insisted.

"No! I don't want to be separated from Mom. Please don't ask me to stay there for a month," the young boy protested once more. After just finding his mom, he didn't want to let her go. He was afraid that she would leave him once more. Adrian placed his warm hands on top of his father's.

"One week then. That's non-negotiable." Staring into his wide eyes, Nathan finally gave in.

An innocent smile slipped onto his lips as Adrian wrapped his arms around his father's neck and kissed him on the cheek.

Nathan went out to heat a glass of milk for A

thing to live for without his own significant other.

Harley felt that it was difficult for him to run into love these days. He felt that love was like an abyss, sucking people in till they could only see total darkness.

At the mention of Mandy, Colin's face darkened.

"I shouldn't have come back. I thought...I thought I was strong enough to protect her from her past. Turns out, I've lost completely," Colin said slowly.

Harley stared at Colin, not wanting to bring up his miscalls to Mandy last night.

"Mr. Yu, I'm going to buy some gruel. Wait for me here. If anything happens, press this button, and the nurses will come."

Colin closes his eyes and nodded. "Okay."

Harley walked so fast as if he wanted to leave as soon as possible. He didn't want to disturb Colin, so he muted his phone. He didn't dare call Mandy again until he entered the elevator.

But then he heard a familiar female voice, "Sorry, the subscriber you have dialed is not available..."

Harley furrowed his eyebrows. As far as he knew, Mandy wasn't a cruel woman. In fact, she had taken Lisa in, which proved that she was very kind. What made her turn off her phone?

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