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   Chapter 537 What's The Meaning Of Running A Successful Business

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'Mand, I'm sorry. I didn't know he was your son till now.'

Nacy couldn't help but wipe her tears at the sight of the mother-and-son duo. Simon walked up to Nacy and placed a hand on her shoulder.

She sniffled happy, leaning against his chest.

The villa was filled with such a warm atmosphere. However, the atmosphere at the Summer Villa was another matter.

Lisa hadn't seen Mandy for three days. That night, she refused to go to bed until she saw Mandy. Colin had been so disturbed by her continued insistence that he then took Lisa to Sandra's room and asked her to sleep with the child. Once that was settled, he shut himself up in his room and drank himself to sleep.

Colin didn't go to the YC Group. He couldn't even be contacted for the next three days. Harley, his personal assistant, was so worried that he went to visit Colin in the villa late at night.

When Sandra had just lulled Lisa to sleep, the doorbell rang. She rushed up to open the door to see Harley.

"Are you Harley?" She furrowed her eyebrows. It was eleven in the evening. Why would he come here?

"Is Mr. Yu in, Sandra?" he asked anxiously.

"He's in his bedroom."

Without another word, Harley walked into the villa while Sandra ushered him in the direction of Colin's room.

The door was locked when Harley tried to turn the handle. When he proceeded to knock on the door, he couldn't hear anything. He frowned.

"Are you sure Mr. Yu is inside, Sandra?" He couldn't help but feel uneasy with the situation.

"He is! He has shut himself in his room ever since he came back from America the other day. Lisa cried and bothered him in the evening, so he ask

to look for Colin. Finally, he found him sitting on a corner.

"Mr. Yu!" His eyes widened.

Colin didn't reply. Instead, he stared far away with a light pink nightdress in his hands.

Harley quickly turned on the light. Colin squinted his eyes and shielded his face from the bright light, pursing his lips.

"Mr. Yu, why did you lock yourself up? Do you know how worried I have been for the past three days?" He sighed, and his heart twitched.

They hadn't seen him for a few days, and now the gentle and handsome man had become a man that he didn't know. The stubble on his chin already began to grow out, and his eyes were glazed over. Colin sneered.

"It's you, Harley," he said indifferently.

"Mr. Yu, please. This isn't like you!" Harley was worried to death. He knew that building up the YC Group hadn't been easy, but throughout all of those hardships, he had never seen Colin so depressed.

Colin chuckled lifelessly.

"Mr. Yu, even if you've already divorced Miss Zhou, you still have a chance to win back her heart. If you really love her, you'll cheer up!" he encouraged.

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