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   Chapter 536 The Reunion Of Mother And Son

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"Adrian, why not kill your uncle's King?" Nacy suggested quickly when she saw that all almost all her chess pieces had already been collected by the kid.

"But uncle Simon has always been so nice to you, Adrian," Simon insisted, glancing at his wife anxiously. Seeing the vindictive look on his wife's face, he knew that he was in for it now.

With his elbows propped up on the table, Adrian pouted and glanced at the two of them. He was great at chess, but he knew that whatever move he made, he must kill one of them.

"Why are you hesitating, Adrian? What surname do you bear? Jin or Ye?" Nacy gently ruffled his hair.

"So that's how you teach my son. And I was beginning to wonder why he has been so hesitant." Nathan's voice echoed in the room.

They were so immersed in the game of flying chess that they hadn't noticed that someone had entered their villa. They raised their heads.

The moment they gazed at Mandy, she subconsciously pulled her hand out of Nathan's grasp. She couldn't help but feel awkward, given that their relationship still wasn't clear.

Mandy still hadn't mentally prepared for restarting her life with Nathan. However, ever since she found out that her child was still alive, she was willing to adjust and accept him gradually.

Noticing her awkwardness, he glanced at her before turning away.

"Father, Miss Zhou." Dropping the dice in his hand, Adrian quickly ran towards the couple.

Nacy and Simon shared a look. Seeing them walk togethe

ess I'll let her go."

Adrian understood that Nathan was just trying to lure him out. However, as a child, he couldn't help but feel panicked at the thought of never seeing his mother again.

He pushed Nacy's arms away. "No."

"Why not? You don't know her anyway." Nathan shrugged. He started to walk towards the door.

Adrian rushed to them angrily. He bit his lips and tugged at the hem of her dress with an innocent look painted across his face.

"Mom. Mother." After a while, he finally broke the silence.

Mandy couldn't hold back her emotions anymore. She jumped out of Nathan's arms and held Adrian in her arms.

"Adrian, I love you so much," she sobbed aloud. Mandy blamed herself for all that she had done back then. Although she had hated the boy at the start, she couldn't help but adore him now.

Seeing the pair, Nathan's eyes were filled with affection as his lips twisted into a smile. After thousands of hurdles and obstacles, they were finally back together.

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