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   Chapter 530 Taken To The Police Station

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"I don't know where my friend went, but this isn't mine. Sir, please believe me," Fiona begged. Tears glistened in her eyes as she struggled to wrench her arms from the officer, but it was to no avail. The policemen still weren't convinced.

"Take her away."

She was dragged into the police car. The officers shut the door after her as she stared at the windshield. The low-grade leather seats offered her no comfort. She rubbed her hands together. This was her first time in a police car.

At the Summer Villa

Mandy was sitting on the sofa when Colin walked out of the kitchen. He had heated a glass of milk for her.

"Thank you." Mandy smiled faintly, taking the glass from him.

"You don't look so good." Colin frowned as he stretched out a hand to hold her forehead. He gazed at her affectionately.

She sighed, wondering what was making her feel so exhausted these days. A part of her wondered if it was because she was thinking far too much about her last meeting with Nathan.

Before she could say anything, he placed his forehead onto hers. Their lips were centimeters apart. He drew away. "Your temperature's fine."

"Colin, about last night...nothing happened." She placed her milk onto the table. Her heart throbbed quicker in her chest as the lie slipped past her lips.

"I trust you, Mand." Colin held her hand tightly as his eyes squinted at her.

Thinking of what happened the other night, she couldn't help but feel guilty. Colin had always been so kind to her. In fact, it was rare for him to get angry. She must've hurt him last night.

"My mom asked me to come to dinner last night. I didn't know that Nathan would be there," she reasoned, sighing.

Colin stretched out his hand to hold her face. He smiled. "I trust you. I know that y


As soon as Colin stopped the car, Mandy grabbed her bag and rushed out. Colin caught up with her.

On his way into the police station, he could already see Mandy pulling one of the officer's sleeves. "Why did you arrest her? She doesn't deal with drugs."

"She was caught carrying 185 grams of heroin. That equates to a death penalty," the police man responded. He was Harrison Li, the one who had caught Fiona.

"Are you kidding? My sister doesn't even go to bars! She hasn't even tried drugs. She wouldn't dare!" she retorted.

"Madam, this is a police station. Please keep your voice down," Harrison Li warned.

"Mr. Li, can you help get Fiona out?" Colin asked, walking up to Mandy. She was already shaking as she was trying to hold back her own tears.

He softened at the sight of Colin. Three years ago when Colin was still a prosecutor, they'd done a few collaborations together. He knew him very well.

Harrison Li was willing to help an old friend, but with the amount of drugs Fiona was carrying...How could he guarantee that Fiona wasn't a drug dealer?

"Mr. Yu… As far as I would like to help, I am not able to do it," Harrison Li said helplessly.

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