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   Chapter 528 Fake Girlfriend

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Smiling, Tina lowered her gaze. "Hey, this isn't real. It's just worth a hundred dollars."

"What do you want to eat? I'm starving." Fiona frowned, deciding to change the topic. If she continued prodding her, they both might lose their appetite.

"I want to have some roast beef and a plate of shrimp with radish," Tina listed the items she wanted after scanning the menu.

Before long, all the dishes were being served at their table.

"So, Tina, where do you work part-time now?" Tina had resigned several days after Fiona quit her job at the coffee shop. However, even with all that free time on her hands, she continued to evade her during the day.

"I don't have part-time job now," she answered vaguely.

"Then what's keeping you so busy in the morning?" Fiona leaned back. "Every time I asked you to go out, you always say you aren't available."

Tina shrugged indifferently. "It's been months since we had a proper holiday. I took some time for myself to rest."

"Well," Fiona hesitated. "I heard that Ethon is going out with Shyla now. I saw them at the movies together." Fiona added more food onto her plate.

"Oh, really? The school belle? Well, they're a really good match," Tina said, as if the information was nothing to her. She continued eating.

Fiona furrowed her eyebrows. "Don't you like Ethon?"

"I mean, yeah, I did. I actually liked him since high school, but...It's been years, Nana. I can't chase one guy for too long." She chuckled, seeming amused by her own predicament.

The warm light fell on Tina's face, highlighting her gentle features. At this point, Fiona felt as

ch did he pay you? I'll pay him back for you. Will you leave him then?" she insisted. "You're still so young. You still have a bright future ahead of you."

"Thirty thousand dollars." Tina bit her lips.

Luckily, the sum of money wasn't much for Fiona. She sighed in relief. "Fine, I'll pay him."

Tina smiled faintly. "Thank you."

"You're my best friend, Tina. Where is he now? Take me to see him, and we'll pay him back."

The night fell on the city as bright stars decorated the skies. The high buildings on both sides of the river were lit up, its neon lights reflected on the quiet waters. The scenery was majestic and peaceful.

Along the winding road was a bustling bar.

The pungent smell of alcohol and cigarettes wafted in the muddy air. Metallic music invaded Fiona's eardrums, causing her to wince. Soon, she was surrounded by women and men swaying to the beat as they rubbed against each other.

It was the first time Fiona had been to a bar. She blinked, stunned at what was happening.

"Do you want to hang out for a while?" Tina asked, giggling.

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