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   Chapter 527 Divorce Him And Come Back To Me

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The look in Nathan's eyes was deep and gloomy as if trying to draw her deep into an abyss. His voice sounded in her ear. "It doesn't matter if I won't win your heart."

"Then why do you keep doing this?"

"Because I can't bear seeing you happy."

Mandy clenched her fists, trembling in anger. "Nathan, go to hell."

Her breathing had become increasingly heavy. She dug her nails into her flesh, drawing marks on her palms.

"As long as I can be with you, it doesn't matter what becomes of me." There was a certain iciness in his voice. Although the sunlight easily streamed through the car window, it still couldn't thaw Mandy's frozen heart.

She scowled. "What could I do to make you let me go?"

Nathan smiled. They already knew the answer. Mandy just didn't want to accept the reality right in front of her.

"You already know my answer to your question, Mandy. Divorce him and come back to me." He shrugged as if he was already stating the obvious. Throughout his previous meetings with Mandy, he had already made it clear to her what he wanted from all of this.

Mandy crossed her arms against her chest, seething in rage. "No."

"If you're being logical now, I would even spare Colin's life. If you continue resisting me, you'll both meet your bitter end." He sneered, holding her down. A shiver went down her spine.

"What do you mean?" She gritted her teeth.

"Ask him if he has ever evaded his taxes." Nathan forced her to look into his eyes as a smile threaded across his lips.

Although Nathan was just 28-years-old, his knowledge and experience made him seem twice his age. His quick wit and intelligence had made him a successful businessman around City A. He was cold-blooded and ruthless, and he always got what he wanted. However, even as he continued to make a concession to Ma

aurant, following the waiter into their own private room. A certain wooden fragrance filled their nostrils. The waiter took it upon himself to open the window, revealing the inky sky and bright stars.

"Nana, why did you invite me to such an exquisite place?" Tina asked gently, looking around.

"Tina, we've been best friends for many years, haven't we? Yet we've never had a chance to go to a place like this and just relax. Don't worry; it's my treat." Fiona sat down.

"You sound pretty strange. Anything you want to tell me?" Tina frowned, noticing that something was off with her friend's choice of words.

"You're thinking too much." Fiona waved her hand dismissively. "Let's eat first."

"Nana, how I envy you so much. You have such a rich sister," she mused, looking around. Although the interiors were more subdued, the intricate carvings on the wall exuded a certain elegance meant for the high-class. She could tell that the meal that they were about to have would be extremely expensive.

"Is that a new bag?" Fiona nodded at Tina's alligator bag. The bag had been photographed in a tabloid with a female star as she was walking out of the airport. Fiona had a good idea of its price.

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