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   Chapter 523 The Truth Is On The Horizon

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Updated: 2020-05-16 17:26

"She doesn't love you anymore. She already broke it off with you three years ago!" Colin roared. He was already trembling in rage.

"It isn't up to you to say that! If she really didn't love me, why the hell didn't she say so right to my face?" Nathan retorted. Colin's words had already scrambled his thoughts, leaving them in disarray.

If it wasn't for the fact that Mandy had another man in her life, Nathan wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place.

"Enough! Stop arguing," Mandy cried, covering her ears. She knew that if they continued arguing like that, they'd start throwing their fists at each other.

Finally, the two men quieted down at the sound of her voice. The tension had thickened as all three of them stared at each other.

"Colin, please go home. It isn't what you think. I'll stay here for the night, and I'll explain it all to you tomorrow," she said irritably, rubbing her forehead.

Colin's face darkened. "You..."

"If you don't believe me, then I have nothing to say," she snapped.

He clenched his fists so hard as if he was trying to break the bones in his palms.

Nathan, on the other hand, was smiling at the scene unfolding before him. He couldn't help but regard his rival as a clown.

Colin ground his teeth together. Without another word, he stomped back to the car and slammed the door shut.

The loud bang reverberated across the garage as he sped away.

"You can leave now. I'm going upstairs." Mandy glanced at Nathan.

"Look, Colin doesn't even trust you," he taunted.

"Please, you rejoice too soon." Mandy snorted.

Nathan could only s

d saw Adrian reading a book.

"Hello, Miss Zhou!" he greeted, standing up.

Mandy walked over and hugged him gently. Before she could say anything else, the house phone rang.

"Is Adrian asleep?" Nathan asked over the phone.

"Not yet. We're about to," she replied.

"He likes milk before he goes to sleep." Nathan cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Okay," she replied, turning to Adrian. "Adrian, I'll get you a glass of warm milk, okay? Do you want to talk to your dad?"

"Yes, please!" He nodded repeatedly, so she handed him the phone.

Mandy crept into the kitchen to fetch some warm milk for Adrian. She didn't expect that he had his father's habit of drinking milk before going to bed. However, she didn't feel annoyed at all. As she was walking to the kitchen, a thought crossed her mind. 'What if Adrian's my son?'

She paused for a few seconds before shaking her head. Mandy quickly poured some fresh milk into a clean glass before placing it into the microwave oven to heat it. She shook her head again, not knowing where she got that strange thought.

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