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   Chapter 519 Don't Rake Up The Past

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Mandy frowned, looking around her. There were even reporters blocking her from returning to the foundation. It seemed that she had nowhere else to go.

Sitting in a sports car not far away, Bruce saw that Mandy was being surrounded by a crowd of reporters. He clenched his fists angrily. As he was about to get out of the car, Tony held him back.

"Mr. Xu, you can't do that now," Tony said anxiously.

"Let me go." He shook off his driver's grip before jumping out of the car.

Tony glanced at Bruce's manly figure, angrily rushing towards the crowd. The driver broke out in cold sweat out of worry for his boss.

Bruce pushed through the crowd and grabbed Mandy's sweaty hand. She was about to fight through the journalists when she saw him.

Why did he come here?

"Isn't that Deputy Director Xu?"

"I heard that he's also tied to Mandy."

"We're going to have quite the story today!"

As soon as the media reporters saw him approaching, they got excited. Some of them even shot a few pictures of him taking her hand.

"I don't know where you got this information. This is a charity foundation. If you want to make a donation, then you're welcome inside. If not, then I suggest you leave. I'm not a star. I won't be accepting any interviews," she said coldly. Mandy withdrew her hand from Bruce's.

"Miss Zhou, you may not be a star, but you are the legendary pianist Mackie. From the moment you stepped onto that stage, you've become known as a public figure, have you not?" One of the male journalists stepped forward. From his arrogant tone to his cold gaze, it was evident that he didn't like her.

"Listen to me then. I've already called the police. If you don't want to go to the station, then you better leave.


"When did you give birth to this baby? Did Miss Zhou move on from Mr. Jin?"

"I met the wrong person, and it's inevitable for that love story to end. Now, I love my husband and my daughter, and that's enough," she said confidently.

"How do you explain the pictures that we have of you shopping with Mr. Jin and his son at Mandy Mall?"

"Mr. Jin and I are friends now. I took his son to see a movie last night. Please don't take it the wrong way," she answered patiently.

The interview was still going on as the reporters threw one sensitive question after another, but the two handled it effortlessly. Mandy and Colin displayed their affections on the screen, making it seem as if they were an intimate couple.

Sitting in front of the computer screen with a straight face, Nathan watched the live stream. He stared coldly at the couple as he clenched his fists.

'Is it true then? Do you really love Colin?'

He felt as if everything was a big joke. Why was she lying to the reporters?

He seethed in rage as he watched Colin hold her tightly. If they were right in front of him, Nathan would've wanted to cut his hand right off.

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