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   Chapter 511 Nathan, You Are So Despicable!

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Updated: 2020-05-13 08:00

"Shout then. We're at the back of the hotel. It's not like anyone can hear you–oh, on second thoughts, do you mind shouting louder so that reporters could hear us? I could already imagine tomorrow's headline." His lips inched up.

"Nathan Jin! You asshole!" Mandy snarled.

"I prefer you to call me indecent."

She clenched her fists, trying her best to calm herself down. Mandy knew all too well that if she continued to be this feisty towards him, he might take a shot at harassing her again!

"Why are you here? Are you following me?" she demanded, changing the topic. It was a smart move on her part.

"Following you? Don't flatter yourself!" He snorted.

Nathan and Mandy's meeting was definitely an accident tonight, but he knew for a fact that the Music Association would be meeting in this hotel. Today, he deliberately chose to meet his client in the same location as the party.

Although a part of him wanted to see her again, he wasn't expecting to see her in the Greenhouse. It was obviously fate that had drawn them together again.

However, they immediately quieted down when a pair of high heeled shoes tapped against the hard wood of the garden house.

"Is it really okay if we do it here?" Tina flushed at the sight of the garden house.

"Don't worry. There's no one here," the man said gruffly. He sounded like a forty-year-old man!

Mandy's ears perked at their voices, finding them increasingly familiar. Nathan sneered at the sight. Afraid that he'd ask them to go away, Mandy immediately covered his mouth and placed her index finger on her lips.

His eyes glinting, he leaned over towards her.

"Since when did we become voyeurs?" he whispered in her ears as

. At this time, Tina and the driver were already putting their clothes on. Since it was summer, they didn't have many layers on, so it took them around three minutes to fix up.

She stared darkly at him.

Nathan stared back, amused. From being with her for a year, he knew all her sensitive spots–like the one in between her ear and neck. If he kissed her there, she'd certainly be overwhelmed with emotion.

"It's a deal, okay? Buy me the purse tomorrow," Tina said sweetly.

"Don't worry, baby," he replied.

Before he could say anything more, his phone rang. When he saw who the caller was, he answered without hesitation.

Tina stopped talking. Instead, she started tracing circles around his chest.

"Hi, honey. Yes, I'm finishing up right here. I'll come home after driving Mr. Wang. Go to bed early, okay? You don't have to wait for me," the driver said softly. He paused.

"No, there's no beautiful girl beside me. You're the only one I see–the most beautiful woman in the world."

Hearing that, Tina pinched the driver's chest. Pain masked his face, but he didn't dare react. Instead, he shot her a glare.

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