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   Chapter 505 The First Kiss

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"Please don't get upset, Shyla. It's Ethon's birthday. Plus, you'll have plenty more chances in the future."

"Plus, Ethon doesn't have a girlfriend yet. Let's just sit down and eat some cake."

Shyla's two friends walked up to her, rubbing her back as they tried to soothe her. However, Shyla was still red from the humiliation. She stamped her feet, and tears welled up in her eyes. Staring into Ethon's indifferent face, she couldn't help but cry.

"I– I've got to go," Shyla stammered before rushing out of the room.

The atmosphere was even more awkward as the tension raised even higher. Some of the guests shared looks. They always thought that they would look like a perfect couple, but with Shyla being rejected, they couldn't help but think—who was Ethon in love with?

"Guys, what the hell? It's Ethon's birthday, so we might as well enjoy ourselves! Music!" One of his classmates pointed at the speakers, trying to cheer up the audience.

As the music started playing, a smile weaved through everybody's lips as they jumped up and down to the beat.

"Do you think Shyla and Ethon would make a good match?" Tina asked casually, crossing her legs.

"They would," Fiona replied. Even if Shyla wasn't as academically gifted, she was beautiful and had a stellar family background. They would've been a great match.

"But what's the point? It's obvious that he doesn't like her." Tina snorted.

"That's true. Have you given him your gift?"

"Yes. You? Where's your gift?"

Embarrassed, Fiona ran her fingers down her hair. She didn't really know what to

hon lowered his face. It was hard to see in the dark.

"Look, I've fallen in love with you—ever since high school. Can you please just drop the act and stop avoiding me?"

"I'm not avoiding you!"

"I know you like me, Nana." Ethon leaned in closer to her. Their lips were centimeters apart that she could feel his breath fanning her nose.

She pursed her lips, not saying a word.

"Fiona, I love you so much. I'm utterly crazy for you! I chose to not go to military school because I was afraid that if I leave you, you'll fall for somebody else. When you were still in your third year, I waited for you so your studies wouldn't be affected. Now, I don't want to wait anymore. Isn't four years enough for you to decide?" His heart pounded in his chest.

Many girls had tried confessing to him, but this was the first time Ethon actually confessed to a girl. Fiona was the only girl he ever liked. He knew that she liked him too, from those averted glances to secret smiles. She just wouldn't admit it. Now, he was bringing everything to light.

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