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   Chapter 504 Her Confession Was Rejected

Billionaire's Gift By Rabbit Characters: 5708

Updated: 2020-05-12 22:29

When Fiona took her seat, whispers broke out in the crowd. Everything returned to the way it was. Fiona was the type of girl who always dressed a bit more boyish than most of her peers. While other girls preferred to make their school as their runways, she was the one who hid in the shadows. However, that didn't stop the boys from being interested in her.

Tina was also very popular with the boys with her sweet appearance and considerate personality. In some ways, she was actually very similar to Fiona.

"You look gorgeous today. Where did you get that dress?" Tina handed Fiona a bag of crisps.

"My sister took me out to shop today." The corners of her lips lifted up into a smile.

"You're so lucky to have a good sister!" Tina partly knew that the dress was bought by Mandy. If Fiona shopped alone, she would've never thought of trying on this dress. Her clothes had always been on the modest side.

The dark red dress wrapped around her body perfectly, showcasing her curves.

"She's amazing."

The students were having fun in the karaoke box. In fact, one of their schoolmates sang a love song to his friend, making everyone burst into cheers.

"Encore! Encore!" they screamed, clapping their hands.

"Why don't we sing the birthday song to our birthday boy, eh?" Their classmate waved the microphone up in the air.

The happy and familiar Prelude sounded from the speakers. Suddenly, Ethon was surrounded by a crowd of handsome men and beautiful women. They clapped their hands together.

"Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you..."

However, just as they were singing, the song suddenly came to a halt. The dim lights went out. It was pitch black, rendering the entire

with their school hunk? Everyone peered at the pair.

Ethon put down the knife. "Thank you, but I love someone else. I've always loved you like a sister, and I think we're better off like that. You're beautiful and amazing, and I hope that you could find someone who deserves you."

Shyla blinked back the tears, biting her lips. "Who do you like then?" Her voice trembled.

"Does it really matter?" he said indifferently.

"Of course, Ethon! I've liked you for so many years, and here you are telling me that you're in love with someone else. Who is she then?"

"Shyla, I'm sorry," he apologized, frowning.

The tension in the room was high as the girls held their breaths. In their mind, they couldn't help but laugh at his rejection. When Shyla got admitted to University A, she wasn't an excellent student. In fact, since she was shooting for a movie, she didn't get to attend any of the classes, nor did she get the most stellar grades either. If it wasn't for her father being the mayor, she wouldn't have gotten in. Many of the girls disliked her for that. In their eyes, she was nothing more than a pretentious bitch.

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