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   Chapter 503 The Nightmare That You Will Never Forget

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"Silly girl, we're like sisters. You've helped me take care of my parents all these years, and it's my time to thank you. Whenever I'm away, do take care of them for me," Mandy said, holding her sister's hands.

"Wait, where are you going?" Fiona asked, frowning. A part of her felt that Mandy's words had a hidden meaning.

"It's just...I just blurted that out. Don't take it too seriously."

After buying the car, Mandy asked Fiona to drive it by herself. As she had expected, Fiona was an excellent driver.

When Mandy arrived at the office of the Commemorate Seven Charity Fund, Fiona followed her inside.

"Everything worked out for you, Mand. I'm so envious," Fiona teased, sitting on the leather sofa.

"Please, when you marry Ethon, you'll probably lead an even happier life," Mandy joked, winking at her.

Upon hearing her words, Fiona's face darkened. She suddenly started to take interest in her clothes. "You know I can't marry him," she murmured.

Mandy sipped her tea. "Don't tell me you don't like him. It's obvious that you do, so why aren't you with him?"

"I..." she hesitated. "I mean, I like him, but Tina likes him too. I already promised her that I wouldn't steal her love away."

Mandy blinked. Sometimes, Fiona could be too indecisive when it came to her love life. She was far too giving.

"You can't deny the fact that you both love each other. It's not as if Tina's love is in any way requited. I mean, if there's any chance that Ethon likes Tina, then why is he waiting around?"

"I...well... he told me that he liked someone back in high school." She looked down, blushing

as if she came from a noble family. Whispers broke out among the crowd as they admired the woman in front of them.

Fiona wasn't as popular with her college classmates. She only had a few good friends–one of them being Tina. She was an introvert, one who preferred to be surrounded by a small group of friends more than a large one.

However, some considered her shyness to be arrogance. There were several students who hated her guts. Given that she always got a scholarship and she was close with Ethon, the students couldn't help but become jealous.

"Nana! You're here." Ethon stood up, walking towards her.

His family background and his equally handsome face made him extremely popular with his classmates.

Tina, who was sitting next to Ethon, stood up at Fiona's arrival. Her lips slanted down. There was something about Fiona's beauty that made her feel uncomfortable. However, she immediately changed her expression. "Nana, why are you late?"

"I was stuck in a traffic jam," she answered. She was just a student driver, so she still wasn't used to the road.

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