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   Chapter 502 Family Lunch

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When Colin spotted them from afar, he walked up to them and greeted Fiona and Mandy.

The birthday lunch being held was actually a family gathering. Ethon was a filial man. He made sure to invite his grandparents and his parents. In fact, it was the first family gathering they had since Colin was back.

Fiona was wearing the red slip dress and a pair of 8 cm heels that they had gotten from the store. She walked slowly and unsteadily towards them.

A tinge of surprise flashed in Ethon's eyes when he gazed at the girl in front of him. He hastily stood up as his face flushed red. "Nana, you're here," he greeted.

Mandy placed a hand on her sister's shoulder. "I asked her to come with."

Seeing so many elders around the table, Fiona felt as if she were being bitten by an army of ants. Why didn't Mandy tell her that this was a family gathering? If she had known, she wouldn't have come.

Luckily, Ethon's family was incredibly amiable. After greeting everyone, Fiona sat down next to Mandy.

Taking a look at his elder son, Malcolm couldn't help but be at peace. When Colin asked him for five million three years ago, he didn't even hesitate to transfer the money into his son's account. Two years later, Colin transferred ten million back to him. He didn't expect that his son could reach these heights. It seemed that his resignation was a good decision on his part.

However, one thing that Malcolm didn't support was his union with Mandy. But it wasn't as if he could stop them. In his eyes, as long as his son was happy, he was happy.

"Ethon, why don't you introduce me? Who's this young lady? Is she your girlfriend?" Ethon's grandmother took a closer look at Fiona. The girl was quite beautiful. Even if she was wearing a slightly revealing red dress, she still looked pure and lovely—like a flower about to bloom.

Fiona's f

otested. It would just be too much. If people were to see her driving in with this car, they'd be out of their minds with jealousy. "I think I should start with a cheaper one, don't you?"

"Does it matter? If you get a cheaper one, you'll just need to repair it again and again. You might as well get a car with good quality." Giving her no room to argue with her, Mandy pulled her into the store.

A saleswoman quickly approached them at once. Fiona didn't even bother to listen, as she wasn't able to comprehend anything that involved the mechanics of the cars displayed. Mandy was the one who kept asking the questions.

"Nana, do you like this one?" After a few minutes, Mandy pulled her over in front of a white Cayenne. She found that it suited Fiona's temperament.

Fiona's eyes lit up. "It's so pretty."

"Let's buy it then," Mandy said almost immediately. As long as Fiona wanted it, then she was willing to get it.

"Try it out." Mandy opened the door of the car and sat in the passenger seat, while Fiona sat in the driver's seat.

Fiona never thought that she'd be able to drive a Porsche, especially one this expensive! She was so excited that she grasped Mandy's hand. "Thank you, Sis," she said gratefully.

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