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   Chapter 501 Buy Fiona Clothes

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Fiona looked at the pens displayed on the counter. The cheapest pen they had cost more than a thousand, while their most expensive pen cost probably tens of thousands of dollars. Finally, she picked something in the medium range—one that was priced at seven thousand. Although it was expensive, she was willing to pay it. This was probably the most expensive gift she ever bought for a friend.

Mandy was also busy browsing at men's cuff-links. She brought out one with a swallowtail butterfly design around the edges. It was simple yet elegant, which suited Ethon.

She bought that one.

Before they could do more shopping, her phone rang. Mandy quickly picked it up.

"Mand, where are you?" It was Colin.

"I'm at the Montblanc store, buying a gift for Ethon," she answered.

"I was actually planning to call you about this. Ethon asked us to have lunch with him at noon. Help me buy a present for him, please. Where can I meet you? I could pick you up later."

"There's no need. I drove myself here. How about you send me the address?"

"Okay. Buy me a watch for him. I can pay you later." Colin smiled gently, his eyes crinkling at the sound of her voice.

"What? You know you don't have to," Mandy grumbled. "I have my own money."

"Still, honey, it's my gift. It's really not a problem."

"Fine, you can go to work now." Mandy hung up the phone and walked to the watch section. A limited edition Asco Da Gama watch caught her eye.

Noticing her interest, the shop assistant walked over to her. "There are only 238 of them in the world. In City A, only our shop has this edition, and this is the last one."

"I'll take it." Her fingers trailed down the glass, admiring the watch through its container.

The shop assistant grinned from ear to ear before hurryin

er hair. She actually planned to get a cheap car after graduation.

"Do you like a Bentley or a Maserati?"

"What? I can't afford it, Mand. Even if I can, I can't afford to drive it." Fiona shook her head, gazing at her sister. 'Was she planning on buying me a car?'

"How about your friends then? What are they driving?" Mandy asked.

"I'm not sure. We go to school by bike," she answered.

Mandy rolled her eyes helplessly, knowing that she was going nowhere with this conversation. She stepped on the brakes. "What car does Ethon drive then?"


"Do you like that car?"

"It's too expensive," Fiona protested.

"Nana, I have money now. Just tell me what you want, okay?" Mandy's eyes glinted.

Ever since she was a kid, Fiona had never asked her for anything. And Mandy knew that the past three years must've been rough for her. She knew that her sister was different from other girls and that she wasn't materialistic, but she wanted to give her something to thank her. 'Maybe I'll get her a Cayenne later, ' Mandy thought.

At noon, the two girls arrived at the restaurant. Colin arrived there ten minutes later and had already reserved a seat for them.

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