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   Chapter 500 Not Adopted Daughter

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"Then I'll pursue her again till she accepts me," he answered confidently, determined to get her back.

"Are you crazy?" Eve stared at him hopelessly.

Nathan stared at her without saying anything else. He turned, opened the door, and walked out.

In the morning, Mandy was jolted awake by a familiar ring tone. She propped her head up with one hand and answered, "Hello?"

"Sis, are you up? I'm on my way to your house." Fiona got in a taxi early in the morning. Around six o'clock, Ethon had already called her and invited her to attend his birthday party.

"What time is it? Why did you get up so early?" Mandy yawned. Normally, she'd wake up at 8 to be ready for her work at 9. This was just too early for her.

"It's urgent, Sis. I'll be there in ten minutes. Get up now," she ordered.

"Okay." As Mandy got up from bed, the little girl beside her had woken up. She blinked her watery eyes and looked up at her.

"Good morning, Mommy!" Lisa said.

"It's time to get up. Your aunt is coming."

"Is that Nana?" Lisa quickly sat up from the bed.

Mandy helped her into a dress, smiling. "Yes, it's Nana."

Lisa had never met her before, but she had seen Fiona's pictures from Mandy. She had always been looking forward to seeing her.

When Fiona arrived, Mandy and Lisa were already having their breakfast. As for Colin, he had already left for work.

The doorbell rang, so Sandra went to open the door. She didn't know Fiona, but Mandy had already informed her of her arrival.

"Are you Fiona?" Sandra asked. She gazed at Fiona who was wearing a sportswear set. 'She's really sporty, ' she th

. The only memory she had of them was an old family photo.

Mandy handed her a card. "Nana, here's a card. It has 300, 000. Take it as your pocket money."

"Mand, I can't take the money." Fiona frowned.

"Just take it. Buy yourself some nice dresses," she insisted. "Girls should be well-dressed." With her left hand on the wheel, Mandy stubbornly handed her the card.

"I have my own money, sis. I can't." During the three years Mandy had gone abroad, Fiona was treated well by Stanley and Madeline. She didn't have it in herself to accept money from Mandy.

"If you hadn't kept my parents company, they would've been sad. Please, Nana, just take it as a sign of my gratitude then."

"But… Sis." Fiona hesitated.

"Just take it."

Fiona sighed, taking the card from her.

At a Montblanc store

"Ladies, what can I do for you?" A shop assistant eagerly walked up to Mandy and Fiona. The moment Mandy entered the store, she had already noticed her. Mandy was wearing clothes from one of the famous brands, and her Gucci bag was worth more than 400, 000 dollars!

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