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   Chapter 499 Colin's Suspicion

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"I'm here to check on Lisa. Nana actually called you a minute ago, so I answered it." Colin smiled.

"What did she say?" Mandy tilted her head.

"Tomorrow is Ethon's birthday, so she was asking what to give him. I told her that he liked pens."

"This girl is really…" She shook her head, smirking. "Colin, what do you say about bringing them together?"

"How?" He stretched out his arms and wrapped them around her waist. It had become a habit for him to always be near her.

Mandy leaned against him and whispered something in his ear. He shook his head.

"We should let nature take its course. As a man, Ethon needs to figure out himself how to take this forward. He's a man, and it's time that he acts like one." Colin thought that it wasn't appropriate for them to have sex with each other, especially if Fiona wasn't willing.

For example, if Mandy didn't allow him to, he wouldn't bed her.

"Okay." Mandy slipped away from his arms. "Good night, Colin."

When she finally fell asleep, Colin turned off the light on the bedside table. In the darkness, he leaned over and pecked her on the forehead.

"Good night, honey," he whispered.

'There is no other man who is as upright as Colin. No matter what he does, he always stands by me, ' she thought.

When Colin returned to his bedroom, he didn't bother to turn on the lights. Instead, he couldn't help but mock himself intently. 'Why are you being so awkward?' he thought to himself, rolling his eyes.

Without another thought, he took out his phone and dialed a number he hadn't called for a long time. It was one of his good friends who worked as a prosecutor. After Colin had gone abroad, Yosef Su had tak

seeing you once a week. Is that not enough? You weren't like this before. Is it because Mandy's back in town that you're disposing me?" Eve snapped.

She had become so used to his cruelty and indifference. A part of her was convinced that she loved him as much as Mandy did.

"Are you finished trying to deceive yourself?" he snapped.

"And you? Are you finished deceiving yourself as well? You're still in love with Mandy, yet you're not even pursuing her." Eve crossed her arms.

"It's not the right time yet."

"You know what? I'm confused. Four years ago, you liked Mandy, and that's fine by me. But can't you see that she's married now? Are you really that interested in become a home wrecker?"

He fixed his tie and took the car keys from the coffee table. "Stay out of it. It's none of your business." He gazed at her expressionlessly.

Eve's heart felt as if it was being squashed into the dirt. She clenched her fists. Since she hadn't slept well that night, her eyes were rimmed with dark circles, and her glossy hair was disheveled. "What if she doesn't like you anymore?" Eve protested helplessly.

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