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   Chapter 496 Stubborn And Unyielding

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Hearing his words, Mandy clenched her fists. "Who do you think you are?" she snapped. "I was going to thank you, but then you decided to put me off like that. You know what? You deserve to be dumped. I studied so hard to become a doctor. If you don't understand that, then you might as well shut up. You're the type of guy who was born with a silver spoon to back you up. Without your family's wealth, you're nothing, so don't think that the world suddenly revolves around you!"

Nathan's face turned ghastly pale at her words. His lips twitched as his eyes grew icy cold.

He hadn't seen her in three years, and he found that she was starting to be more like him.

She was unyielding and stubborn, which only attracted him more.

Normally, no one would talk to Nathan like that. If they had, they might as well just prepare for their funeral.

"Go on." He crossed his arms with great interest. "What else do you find annoying about me?"

Seeing the coldness in his gaze, Mandy quickly lowered her head. "Nothing."

"Where's the confidence you showed? Go on. Keep talking," he drawled. From the way he looked at her, it would've sent most men running down the streets. Mandy, however, stood her ground.

"Look, I'm heading home." Mandy lifted her foot from his lap. As she was about to put on her slippers, he pressed her down.

"Take off your clothes," he ordered with a poker face.

Her body tensed almost immediately as memories from the other day flooded into her mind. She crossed her arms over her chest. "What are you planning?" she said urgently.

"Do you think you're pretty enough for me to want to rape you?" Nathan snorted, throwing her a bathrobe.

Holding the bathrobe, Mandy flushed in emb

g him fixing up everything in the kitchen, she turned away, trying to rid herself of the urge to cry. This had always been her dream–wherein they were happy with each other with a child in her arms.

He had treated Mandy like a queen when she was still pregnant.

'If only you didn't die, ' she thought sadly. Deep in her thoughts, she didn't notice that Nathan had already come out of the kitchen.

Noticing that she was in a daze, Nathan quickly took her hand. Mandy snapped out of it and withdrew her hand as if she were touched by flames.

Before he could say anything, his phone rang.

It was Adrian. Nathan answered immediately, and his little son's face popped onto the screen.

"Dad, what are you doing?" he asked sweetly.

"I'm working. How about you?" At the sight of his son, his voice softened.

"I miss you, Dad. When will you be back?"

"Soon. You should go to bed now, okay?"


After hanging up, Adrian turned to Eve. "Dad's in his apartment," he reported happily.

"Thank you, Adrian. Have a good sleep now, okay?" She leaned over and pecked him on the cheek.

"Okay! See you." Adrian waved goodbye.

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