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   Chapter 493 I Know Him Very Well

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Colin looked at the small bungalow in front of him, frowning. 'Who would've thought that the world-renowned antique collector would live here?' He slowly knocked.

After a while, a middle-aged man came to open the door. Recognizing Colin at once, he frowned.

"Hello, Mr. Tang," Colin greeted the man politely.

"I don't know why you're here, Mr. Yu. If you're here for the land, then you have to forgive me, because I can't do anything about it. The bidding will start next week. The one who bids the highest price will get the land." Elias shook his head helplessly.

"Mr. Tang, you won't suffer any losses here. I am sure that all companies taking part in the bidding have already given their preliminary prices to you. As long as you can tell us the offer of JS International, we can double what they've given you," Mandy said easily.

Frowning, Elias wasn't sure whether Mandy was telling the truth or not. Just a few days ago, Nathan's men had already come to his house to discuss the land. JS International was a generous company and offered five hundred million dollars in exchange. Elias didn't really care about the price anymore. As long as he would be able to pay off his son's debts, it would all be fine in the end.

"If that's what you're here for, then I suggest that you leave." Elias's face darkened. He wasn't planning on offending Nathan Jin.

"I heard that you love to drink tea, Mr. Tang. Care to invite us in?" Mandy waved a bag in her hand, revealing the two bottles that she had brought with her.

A flicker of doubt crossed Elias's gaze. 'Now that the two are here, I might as well listen to what they have to say, ' he thought.

Mandy and Colin entered the house. The decoration in the living room was simple, and the furniture that surrounded them were probably from the antiques that he had collected. They looked incredibly rustic.

Colin stepped forward and opened the car door for her.

"Mand, why did you do that? Are you deliberately retaliating against Nathan?" he suddenly said once he entered the car.

"No. I know him too well. He's suspicious, and he doesn't like competition. If Elias calls, he'd cut the price. The Jin Family isn't short of anything, but the land's important to us. We must get it." Her voice was cold as ice. It was hard to tell whether she was happy or not.

"And if he bids for a higher price?"

"Then let's admit defeat. Colin, our highest bid for the land is 520 million dollars. We can't raise it," Mandy paused, pulling down the sun deck. The sharpness of her beautiful eyes was shadowed by the dark.

Colin didn't know whether to be happy or worried. He knew for a fact that Mandy had changed a lot during the years. She had gotten far cleverer and shrewder than him. However, when she said that she knew Nathan far too well, his heart throbbed.

"Mand, you've changed a lot. If you only came back here to take revenge, then maybe we shouldn't have returned." Colin frowned worriedly.

"And why would I take revenge? For the death of my child?" Mandy sneered as Colin started the car. Without another word, they drove along the road.

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