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   Chapter 492 Good Night

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In the past, Nathan had been so used to staying up late. He always had so many thoughts and regrets buried deep inside his heart that he couldn't fall asleep at night. When he was with Mandy, he slept soundly, as if all his troubles had faded away.

Ever since Mandy left, Nathan relapsed back to his nightmares. There were times when he'd be jolted awake at night. He often had nightmares of Mandy falling off the cliff or running away from him. It had kept him up for the last three years.

"I'm going to sleep. You should, too." Mandy pressed her chest tightly, suddenly feeling out of breath. When faced with Nathan, she couldn't help but hear her heart pounding in her chest.

Things were different when she was with Colin. Unlike with Nathan, she felt more at peace with Colin. Perhaps, that was because they didn't love each other.

When Nathan hung up the phone, he didn't wish her good night. In the past, he had always waited for her to hang up the phone first because he wanted to make sure that she was all right.

Mandy let the phone hang from her fingertips, feeling empty. She raised her head and gazed at the dark skies as Nathan's face emerged in her mind. She was deep in thought.

"Good night, Mand," he whispered, after he hung up.

Nathan stood on the balcony, the breeze brushing across every inch of his skin. His eyes were tinged red, and his chest pained as if he were being pricked by numerous needles.

Was this the result of three years? If he had known that he would meet her like this, would he still have chosen to wait?

After hanging up the phone, Mandy said "good night" to Nathan in her heart. She tried to fool hersel

become truly satisfied with what we have."

"That's true. How about you, Colin? What's your desire?"

"I love money, but you know that I love you more." He winked.

Mandy's lips twitched into a smile. Although Colin was the type of man who never really left his office, he was a smooth talker if he wanted to be.

"Concentrate on your driving."

"How about you? What's your desire?"

"It's simple. I want to be happy and healthy," she replied.

Colin knew that Mandy didn't like to compete with others for the sake of money. She'd rather live a peaceful life. He always thought that Mandy's attitude towards life was far better than his. She was always easily contented.

They finally arrived at Elias' house after an hour's journey.

Now, Elias lived in a big, dilapidated house. The decline of their family had really happened overnight. Before the incident, Elias's house was filled with antiques. Now, because of his son, he sold all the antiques that he collected over the years, receiving only 700 million in return. After the land's auction, he could finally pay off his son's debts.

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