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   Chapter 489 Don't Call Me Sister-In-Law Again

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"I didn't say that," Nathan said.

"Look, I'll set an appointment with Mandy, but you shouldn't ask me to have a baby anymore," Nacy warned, smiling.

"Okay," Nathan agreed to her almost immediately. Besides, what's done was done. Even if they were using birth control, Nathan had already pricked all their condoms with a needle.

Nacy was naive enough that she thought he was telling the truth. Immediately, she took her handbag and was about to leave. However, just as she was about to open the door, she realized that she didn't have Mandy's phone number.

"15990XXXXXX," Nathan said as if he could read her mind.

"You actually memorized it," Nacy mused, typing the number into her phone before calling.

At that moment, Mandy had just finished her lunch. After they all parted, she walked out of the restaurant.

She squinted as the sun glared at her. It was always hot in City A during the summer. When she got into her car, Mandy received a call.

"Hello, my sister-in-law," Nacy sang over the phone.

"Nacy?" Mandy blinked, immediately recognizing her voice. After coming back from abroad, they still hadn't seen each other. Mandy planned to contact her tomorrow to meet up, but she wasn't expecting that Nacy would call her first.

"You still recognize me!" Nacy laughed. "Are you busy now?"

"No! How about you?"

"Simon didn't allow me to sign up for another movie, so I'm bored! Are you free today, sister-in-law?" she asked.

"Of course! Where are you now?" Mandy's fingers drummed against the steering wheel.

"At Mandy Mall. There's a 'Honey Heart Shop' on the ground floor of this building."

"I'll be there in ten minutes." She ended the call.

The Mandy Mall was completed in the first year after Mandy left.

w them around, holding shopping carts.

"I've not been on a shopping spree for a while now! It feels exhilarating!" Nacy breathed out.

"The Dior full skirt is so beautiful. When did you buy it?" Having lived in Manhattan for three years, Mandy was now more aware of new arrivals from different leading brands.

"Simon bought it for me. I just mentioned it once, and he insisted on buying it," she said, twirling around.

Upon hearing her words, Mandy laughed, shaking her head. She knew that the skirt Nacy was wearing cost more than four hundred thousand. Simon was incredibly rich to afford that.

As they passed by a children's clothing store, Mandy took Nacy's hand and led her inside. She wanted to buy some dresses for her daughter. As she looked around, she couldn't help be impressed at how well-tailored they were. She selected three bubble skirts for Lisa.

Nacy went along and bought some clothes for her proud little nephew–Adrian. Although he wasn't short on clothes, she missed him a little. She hadn't seen him in a while.

Seeing the light blue tee in Nacy's hand, Mandy smiled. "This one looks good. Do you want to buy it for your nephew?"

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