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   Chapter 488 Kill Two Birds With One Stone

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Jayleen shook her head, a deep frown marring her face. She didn't know what happened to Mandy three years ago. Maybe she talked too much just now.

"Mand, don't be angry. Come on, let's eat," Jayleen insisted.

"Yeah, it's nice to see all of us eating here together. Let's forget about these things," Jamie added.

"I'm not angry. Besides, it's hard to be angry at the bastard," Mandy grumbled.

Jayleen pursed her lips and kept her mouth shut. Nobody except Mandy and Nathan knew what was going on in their relationship.

The two had been deeply in love three years ago. What could've changed it all?

In the YC Group

In the CEO's office

"Sir, here's the information of the land we're going to bid on for next week. Right now, JS International is our biggest rival." Harley Pei bowed his head as he handed over the black folder.

"What's our current price?" Colin frowned.

"280 million. It's the highest price so far."

The land they were bidding for was located in the south of City A. It was close to nature with its soaring mountains and strong currents. Although it was far from city life, the price of the land had surged to more than 50, 000 per square meter.

"We need to get that land. I'm sure if we build a resort there, it'll be a good investment." Colin took a pen from his desk and wrote a number.

Harley took the paper from him and almost fainted at the sight. 400 million!

"Mr. Yu, 400 million is out of our budget." The market price for the land was around 280 million at most. It was a number concluded by hundreds of experts at the YC Group. It would be risky if they bid at a higher price.

"You can't make an omel

ou're already married. It's not a one-man team anymore. Simon's already under a lot of pressure."

Her lips curled. "If I knew you'd try convincing me to have baby, I wouldn't have married."

"Why are you being so hesitant?" He didn't know why she was being stubborn about this.

"Why should I have a baby? Mandy's baby died when it was born," Nacy protested, refusing to look him in the eye.

Nathan fell silent. It took him a few seconds before he could speak up, "It was an accident."

"What accident?" she prodded.

He shook his head. "Nothing. It's over anyway. Have you seen Mandy?" Nathan quickly changed the topic, his heart throbbing at the thought of Seven.

Nacy rested her head on her hands. "No. I guess she has forgotten about me." There was sadness laced in her voice.

"How could she?" Nathan waved his hand. "She's just too prideful right now. I'm sure if you go and see her, she'll be ecstatic."

"Please," Nacy snorted. "We both know that the only reason you want me to go to her is to speak up for you. Don't think I don't know your 'two birds with one stone' technique."

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