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   Chapter 487 Various Forms Of Love

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Yes, they're a family. No one could separate them.

Mandy had always kept this belief close to her heart. She thought that as long as she was with Colin, she wouldn't get hurt again.

"It's getting late, Colin. Go to bed."

"You too, honey. Don't forget our agreement," he whispered. There was joy in his voice as he spoke of their agreement.

Mandy avoided his eyes. "Good night." She had promised Colin that she would give him her answer after two months, but Nathan only gave her a month to decide. The man was the devil incarnate!

The next day, Mandy invited Cassie, Jayleen, and Jamie to lunch. After finishing her work at the Foundation, she went straight to the restaurant to wait for them.

Jayleen drove Cassie and Jamie to the restaurant. Over the past three years, many things had happened in JR Hospital's Cardiology Department. Two years ago, Leo had gone back to City Z. Only after he returned did the doctors realize that he was the successor of a popular listed group in City Z. Leo got married right after. During that time, the turnover of staff in their department happened so fast that almost no one could figure out what was happening.

After Leo left, Jamie took over as the director of the Cardiology Department. Just last year, JR Hospital arranged an organized tour to Switzerland to thank its doctors. It was during that time when he saved Cassie's life in an avalanche. She fell in love with him, and they just got married six months ago.

Since they now worked in the same department, a lot of their staff members couldn't help but gaze at the happy couple enviously.

The news of Mandy's disappearance had spread like wild fire across the city. Although she had now returned as the famous pianist Mackie, the media soon recognized her as Doctor Zhou. Thus, Jamie and Cassie concluded that their friend had finally returned.

never taken a day off from work!

"How can you say that, Jayleen? I'll inform you, I promise," Mandy said firmly.

"I've heard that you got married to Colin. When did you meet him?" Jayleen asked eagerly, changing the topic.

"We've actually known each other since high school."

"Tell me, do you love him?"

"Of course I do." She rolled her eyes. "Why else would we get married?"

"Really? Then what about Nathan? Have you forgiven and forgotten him?" Jayleen hit the nail on the head! When Mandy and Colin had appeared on TV that day, she had thought that although they seem to be the perfect match, they behaved as if they were acting for the audience.

Hearing this, Mandy's heart skipped a beat. She licked her lips, trying to find a way to avoid the question. Suddenly, she picked up a piece of meat and placed it on her plate. "Jayleen, try this sweet and sour pork. It's delicious."

Jayleen frowned. "I don't know about Colin, Mand, but if I were you, I'd definitely choose Nathan," she whispered.

"And what good would he be? Why are you taking his side?" Mandy sneered. "If it weren't for him, then my child would've been alive. We're over, and there's absolutely no way I could forgive him after what he has done."

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