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   Chapter 486 Another Month's Consideration

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After they got in Nathan's car, Mandy held Lisa in her arms and sat in the back seat, distancing herself from Nathan. Lisa seemed to be so tired from playing all day that she slowly dozed off in her arms. She rocked her child, patting her legs rhythmically.

"Where do you live now?" Nathan asked.

Although uncomfortable, Mandy told him the address. Even if she didn't tell him, he'd find out by other means.

He stopped the car at the door of the Summer Villa. "Thank you," she said lowly.

Just before she could open the door, Nathan said, "Think it over, Mand. Call me when you figure it out."

She froze. The street lights around their villa shone through the window, reflecting on Nathan's cold but handsome face.

Mandy didn't answer. Instead, she got out with Lisa hanging in her arms.

It wasn't until the black Bugatti disappeared to the end of the street that Mandy entered the villa.

Inside the mansion, Colin was anxiously pacing around the living room. He held the phone tightly in his hands. He had called Mandy numerous times throughout the day, and he even contacted the police. Although the police had already taken the surveillance video, they still couldn't figure out where Lisa was taken to.

Colin clenched his fists. The man who kidnapped his daughter was smart. He had covered his entire body, making them unable to figure out even the slightest detail.

"Mand? Lisa?" Colin turned to see the mother-and-daughter duo enter the living room. His impatience and anxiety disappeared in an instant.

"Dad!" Lisa jumped out of Mandy's arms and ran towards him as fast as she could.

Colin held his daughter in his arms, analyzing her arms and legs. He didn't feel at ease until he made sure that Lisa wasn't hurt.

"Mand, what happened?"

t know how scared I felt when I came to him, but I'm even more afraid that he'll use you and Lisa to threaten me." She sniffed. Her eyes turned red as the memories came back to her.

"Mand, don't worry. He couldn't do that. I've already prepared for it since the day we came back. It's my fault that Lisa was kidnapped. From now on, I'll be sending more people to patrol outside the villa. I won't let such a thing happen again," he said firmly. Colin stretched out his arms and held her in his arms. Seeing her soften under his grip, he couldn't help but feel at ease.

He had always loved Mandy ever since high school, and now that he had her, he would try his best to make her feel at home.

Mandy raised her head, staring into Colin's eyes. 'Now that I've returned, I can't be threatened by Nathan anymore, ' she thought.


"Mand, keep in mind that I don't care about your past. I've already told you from the beginning that I don't need too much. As long as you and Lisa are beside me, that's enough. In the future, maybe you'll be willing to give me a child, and maybe not. Either way, we're a family, and that's all that matters." Colin hugged her tightly.

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