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   Chapter 485 Hypocrite!

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"No way. Now that you're back, it's time for you to return to me." A touch of coldness appeared in Nathan's eyes. 'Why do you think I've never loved you?' he thought sadly.

Mandy trembled at his words. She gazed up at him. "Well, that's not up to you, is it?"

"Then I guess you should take better care of your daughter. One day, she might disappear again, and if she did, I'll make sure you'll never find her," he warned.

Mandy clenched her fists. "Nathan Jin, are you human or not? Don't you have a son? How would you feel if your own child is taken from you? You can retaliate all you like, but don't bring my daughter into this!"

"If you listened to my words, then there wouldn't be any argument." He grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look at him.

"Look, don't threaten Lisa. Lisa lost her mother when she was born, and her father committed suicide to follow his wife. The kid doesn't know these things yet. In the past three years, she's been following me, as if I am her mother. Nathan, don't you remember how much we hoped and prayed for Seven's arrival? Now, Lisa is like a daughter to me. Please don't hurt her or bring her into this mess," she pleaded. Mandy decided to take a different approach into this. Instead of shouting at him, she decided to beg him to change his mind.

Nathan's heart softened at the sight. After three years, it turned out Mandy knew how to be a slick talker. He sneered, hating how hypocritical she was.

"No." His cold voice felt like a slap to her face. The determination in his voice drained her of any hope.

It felt as if Mandy was being drowned alive.

In the past,

eyes glazed over and staring at the ground.

When she went downstairs, Mandy saw that Adrian and Lisa were sitting on the sofa, eating chicken wings. Lillian stood beside them with a smile.

When she saw Mandy coming down the steps with Nathan, Lillian gasped. "Madam, you've come back!"

Mandy was about to explain, but she stopped herself once she saw Lisa and Adrian's confused stares.

Nathan quickly changed the topic, "Mrs. Zhou, please stay and have dinner with us."

Lillian quickly covered her mouth, realizing that she had said something wrong. She rushed to the kitchen to prepare their dinner.

"No, thanks. It's getting late. We'll be leaving now," Mandy replied.

Lisa was good at gauging people's emotions. When she saw how unhappy her mother was, she immediately dropped the toys in her hand and stood up.

"Let me see you off then." Nathan motioned to the door, smiling.

Mandy didn't even bother to answer as she held Lisa's hand. However, she thought to herself, 'Nathan, I've never met a person as hypocritical as you! You truly are a monster.'

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