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   Chapter 484 Adrian's New Piano Teacher

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Updated: 2020-05-08 22:00

With an embarrassed laugh, Adrian raised his head. "Pretty lady, are you Mackie? Can you teach me how to play the piano? I do enjoy listening to you play the piano very much."

Mandy's heart softened at the sight. She used to despise Adrian, but now, she couldn't help finding him adorable. Perhaps it was due to him calling her beautiful.

People liked to be flattered, and she was no exception to that.

"Yes, Mom. You can teach him how to play!" Lisa clapped her hands, nodding her head enthusiastically.

Mandy nodded, lowering Lisa back to the floor. She smiled warmly at Adrian. "How about you play a tune for me first?" she suggested.

Adrian couldn't help but smile at the sound of her voice. It was as if he'd heard her voice somewhere in the past, and it gave him a sense of security that he had never felt before.

He jumped onto the stool and opened his music score. Without another word, he started to play the song he had just learned this afternoon. His fingers danced across the keys rhythmically.

"You played very well!" Mandy praised.

She couldn't find anything wrong with it. 'He probably inherited Nathan's genes. The kid's incredibly gifted, ' she thought.

"Pretty lady, will you accept me as your student?" Adrian turned to Mandy, fluttering his thick eyelashes as his clear eyes gazed at her.

"Okay, but I will be very strict with you. You can't slack off while practicing," she warned, straightening her back. She had never recruited a student before. In fact, she hadn't prepared to recruit until after the official opening of the school. Mandy was considering making Adrian her very first student.

"Rest assured, Mrs. Zhou. I won't slack off," he said seriously.

Mandy glanced at her watch.

divorce with Colin as soon as possible. You know exactly what I'm capable of." Nathan laughed recklessly.

"Why do you intend to torture me even though you don't love me anymore?" Mandy clenched her fists, aiming to hit him on the chest.

"Because I love you!" He grabbed her wrists, staring into her eyes deeply.

Mandy sneered. "Think of me as dead then."

Only she knew how much love and hatred she held towards this man. When Mandy had lost her baby, she was fighting the sinking claws of depression. Although she had won, she didn't get out of that battle unscathed. Now, no matter what Nathan would say to her, she'd think of him as a liar.

Nathan narrowed his eyes at her. He was surprised that she'd gone so far and even told him to treat her as if she were dead. He didn't resent her. Instead, he couldn't help but regret all the things he'd done to Mandy.

Mandy would never forget Nathan's affair back when he was in England. She was only pregnant for seven months at that time. She remembered how upset she was when she found a strand of hair sitting on his pajamas. The matter was a thorn in her heart, torturing her wherever she went.

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